Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve: women who are photographed with drinks or beer bottles in hand. Put your drink down before a photo is taken. You never know where a picture like that will show up and if you are a young person on a career path it can be damaging. Trust one will add a caption of "isn't she classy" to a photo like that. If a woman has on a pretty outfit a beer bottle ruins the look. Most people like to keep their Holiday photos forever. Do what you can to keep yours attractive.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Male Attention After 60

We all know women who base their self-worth and self-esteem on their ability to attract men.  It seems terribly old-fashioned to focus on that one aspect of life.  The days are gone when women had to make themselves desirable in order to "land" a good and prosperous husband to take care of her.  By the time a woman reaches her 60's her self-confidence should be based on other accomplishments, not  her ability to snag a look from a man.  I think it's immature and very obvious to others when an older woman's goal is "getting attention."  I've known older women who wear too much make up, short skirts and revealing tops in an effort to prove they can compete with younger women.  The kind of men they attract do not always have their best interests at heart.  Older women should be wary of younger men who shower them with attention and be suspicious of their motivations for starting a relationship with them.  If it's obvious the man could have his choice of younger women, the older woman should think twice about getting involved.  Some men love to trash older women they've slept with in "locker room" conversations with their buddies.  An older woman needs to take care of her reputation.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cosmetic Hygiene

By Amanda Bown

"The cosmetic symbols on your beauty products indicate shelf life, ingredients and what you need to know to keep your skin safe. Since our make-up and skin care goods can harbour some pretty nasty bacteria, it's about time you got the lowdown on what cosmetic labeling means.

Make-Up Hygiene
We're a grubby lot when it comes to looking after our make-up. According to a survey carrie
d out by Debenhams in 2010, some women keep their cosmetics up to 15 years past their sell-by date. So, even if you are not sure what the symbols mean (read our glossary below for the details), if you haven't cleaned out your handbag for a while and your eyes, skin or lips start to itch, ditch that make-up quick!

The recommended lifespan of a mascara is six months but on average we use them for up to a year. Mascara wands are breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause conjunctivitis.
Dirty make-up brushes and sponges are ripe with the micro-organisms that cause herpes, ringworm and impetigo (an infectious skin disease that causes scabs and blisters). Yet 71% of women say they never clean them. Wash your brushes and sponges in a mild soapy solution once every two to three weeks and leave to dry completely.
Eyeshadow and blusher have a recommended lifespan of 18 to 24 months but they are kept on average for 180 months - that's 15 years.

60% of us regularly share make-up with our friends - multiplying the chances of infection.
If your make-up looks or smells strange, has dried out or has changed in texture, it's bad. Throw it out!

Cosmetic Symbols:

The 'lid' symbol indicates the recommended number of months within which the product should be used after it's first opened. Cosmetic products that have a lifespan of less than 30 months must show a 'best before end of' date - this may be shown as the 'egg timer' symbol, followed by the date. Some products, such as aerosol and perfumes, don't require any dates to be shown as they don't deteriorate in the same way, due to their high alcohol content."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Calories in Alcohol

Type of Wine Serving Size Calories
Rose Wine 1 Glass 73
Red Table Wine 1 Glass 102
White Wine 1 Glass 96
Dessert Wine 1 Glass 130
Riesling White Wine 1 fl. oz. 23
Riesling Sweet Dessert Wine 6 fl. oz. 270
Red Wine 3.5 fl.oz. 85
Dry Dessert Wine 1 fl. oz. 45
Dry Red Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 83
Dry White Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 77
Sparkling Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 92

Note: 1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735297 milliliters (about 30 mL).

Calories in Beer
Beer is the favorite drink of most men. Those who drink a large quantity of beer should watch out for its calories. Beer is made from fermented and brewed grains (mostly barley, malt and hops that are responsible for the characteristic bitterness of the drink). The ratio of malt and barley determine the strength of the beer.

Type of Beer Serving Size Calories
Mac's Light (1% Alcohol) 12 fl.oz. 40.6
Budweiser Select 55 (2.4% Alcohol) Bottle 55
Miller's Genuine Draft 64 (2.8% Alcohol) Bottle 64
Beck's Premier Light (2.3% Alcohol) Bottle 64
Pearl Light (2.2% Alcohol) Bottle 68
Labatt Nordic (0.5% Alcohol) 1 Serving 80
Aspen Age (4.1% Alcohol) Bottle 94
Michelob Ultra (4.2% Alcohol) Bottle 95
Natural Light (4.4% Alcohol) Bottle 95
Lager Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 150
Stout Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 195
Pale Ale Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 147
Wheat Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 165
Draught Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 126
Porter Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 200
Budweiser (5.0% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 145
Bud Light (4.1% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 110
Heineken Lager (5.0% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 150
Corona Extra (4.6% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 148
Foster's Lager (5.1% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 156

Calories in Whiskey
Scotch 'whisky' is always spelled 'without an e'. The method of preparation, ingredients (it is made from barley and water), the period of maturation determines the quality and aroma of the whiskey.

Description Serving Size Calories
Calories in Whiskey Shot 1 shot / 1 fl oz / 27.8g 64
Calories in Whiskey and Water on the Rocks 8 oz 124
Calories in Whiskey and Soda Single (25 ml) 56
Calories in Whiskey and Diet Coke Single (25 ml) 64
Calories in Whiskey and Coke Single (25 ml) 129
Calories in Whiskey Sour 1 oz 110-128
Calories in Scotch 1 oz 61-65
Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey 80 Proof (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 98
Johnnie Walker Black (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 95
Seagram's 7 Crown (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 95
Talisker whiskey (46% alc) 1.5 fl oz 111
Whiskey plus Lemonade single serve 80

Calories in Vodka
Good quality vodka contains a single ingredient like potato or wheat. The quality of the drink depends upon the smoothness and taste of the drink.

Description Serving Size Calories
Vodka and Diet Coke 5.66 fl.oz. 56
Smirnoff Ice 12 fl.oz. 175
Vodka plus Coke 5.83 fl.oz. 120
Vodka plus Orange Juice 5.83 fl.oz. 125
Vodka plus Red Bull 5.83 fl.oz. 113
Vodka plus Soda and Lime 6.66 fl.oz. 75
Vodka plus Tomato Juice 5.83 fl.oz. 100
Vodka plus Tonic Water 5.83 fl.oz. 90

Calories in Rum
Rum is made from the byproducts of sugarcane. It is made by fermenting and distilling molasses and sugarcane juice.

Description Serving Size Calories
Rum and Diet Coke 1 oz. rum 65
Bacardi Silver 12 fl oz 225
Bacardi Silver Lemon 12 fl oz 225
Rum, 100 proof 1.5 fl oz/1 jigger 125
Rum, 94 proof 1.5 fl oz/1 jigger 115

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oral Hygiene

Healthy gums and teeth are very important to your appearance. If you have diseased gums and rotting teeth you will not want to smile. If you don't have a dentist ask a trusted friend to recommend one to you. Have an examination and cleaning and if your teeth and gums need to be treated you will receive a care plan. This care plan will show you what kind of work needs to be done a
nd in what order. Everyone should have their teeth cleaned twice a year. Tooth and gum problems rarely heal themselves. Left alone they only get worse. Smoking ruins good teeth and gums so if you smoke, quit. Smoking ruins your appearance too by robbing your body of oxygen. You will get wrinkles much earlier in life if you smoke. You will also have many health problems throughout your life if you smoke. Remember that no one likes to talk to a person who has bad breath. When you smoke and have gum disease you have bad breath all of the time. Your teeth will turn yellow and your smile will be ruined. I go to "Mortenson Dental" on Poplar Level Road in Louisville. They are very nice people and won't fuss at you for not taking care of your teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Fitness is important not only to keep you looking sleek in your clothes but also for your heart and your mood. Nothing gets rid of stress faster than a 15 minute walk outdoors. Soon 15 minutes becomes 30 and so on. If you are over 50 it's important to remember that heart disease is the #1 killer of women our age. I feel much better when I spend time on my treadmill, doing a little stretching a
nd lifting a few free weights. I choose to exercise at home because it's faster and easier for me. When I exercise in a gym people come over to whatever machine I'm on and start talking to me. I guess I should take that as a compliment but it keeps me from getting a good work out. The benefits of regular exercise are many but most of all it puts you in a fantastic mood. Many of my Kentucky Fashion Friends exercise almost every day. They look great and never complain about clothes not fitting properly. Find something to do every day even if it's just climbing the stairs in your home or office several times a day. Strengthen your "body, mind and spirit." ♥

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Decollete

Bend over at the waist wearing only a bra, put your arms together at the elbows and look in a mirror. This is what people see when you wear something low cut and bend over to speak to someone who is seated. Everything that you use on your face should be used on your neck and chest. The ski
n below the neck is delicate so always apply sunscreen there as well.


"The décolleté area is more commonly known as the chest. Wrinkles that form along this area of the body should respond to the same products and procedures that are known to work on the face. This is largely due to the fact that any wrinkle that develops is a result of a combination of factors--including age, heredity and exposure to the sun--according to the National Institutes of Health.

Step 1
Apply a wrinkle cream to the chest each day. Though creams won't necessarily remove wrinkles from the décolleté area, the Mayo Clinic advises that you look for products made with the active ingredients of alpha hydroxy, retinol, kinetin, copper peptides or coenzyme Q10 to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Step 2
Try using Botox on deep wrinkles. While Botox is typically used for facial lines and wrinkles, it may help to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on your chest. The Cleveland Clinic asserts that Botox works by inhibiting the contractions of the muscles. It's administered by injection to provide a more youthful look for anywhere between three and four months.

Step 3
Consider soft tissue fillers. According to the Mayo Clinic, soft tissue fillers fill in deeper lines and wrinkles by injecting collagen or fat under the skin. Much like Botox, it's often reserved for facial imperfections, but it should help to remove wrinkles from the décolleté area. Effects can last as long as six months.

Step 4
Undergo skin resurfacing of the décolleté area. Skin resurfacing is mainly administered through the processes of dermabrasion or chemical peel. Both treatments remove the top layer of the skin, either with a wire brush or chemical agent, respectively. When the skin is removed, new skin is able to form that is healthier and often containing less wrinkles, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Step 5
Talk to your dermatologist about laser resurfacing. In this form of skin resurfacing, a laser is used to remove the epidermal layer of the chest as well as heat the dermal layer of the skin. This two-fold process not only provides healthier looking skin, but it also stimulates the production of both collagen and elastin. When collagen and elastin build under the skin, they work like soft tissue fillers, filling in deeper lines and wrinkles."

Vintage Clothing and Accessories

While I love Vintage clothing and accessories I don't love the look of an entire outfit made up of them.  I think they look a bit like a costume.  I prefer mixing in a few Vintage pieces to a modern outfit to give it a little character.  The Holidays are a great time to add sparkling Vintage jewelry to your outfits.  A beautiful Vintage handbag can be the start of a unique and festive outfit for a party or special event.  One time I pinned a rhinestone broach to an inexpensive satin evening bag to make it look much more expensive. Bags like these can be found in stores like "Payless" and stores that cater to brides. Use caution when pinning old broaches to fabrics.  The pins may be old, rough or discolored and can leave marks on fine or light colored fabrics.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Using Eyeliner After 50

Many times a woman over 50 looks more youthful if she doesn't line her lower eyelid. Gravity, age and sun damage may have caused the lower lid to droop or there are lines and wrinkles. Eyeliner will migrate into those lines throughout the day. Apply liner to the upper lid before applying eyeshadow. This will "mute" the dark line and give your eyes a more refreshed look. Black eyeliner can look harsh during the day but if you are allergic to brown eye make up (due to the red dye in the formula) go for soft black whenever possible. Always remove excess shadow from the outside corners of your eyes up to the end of your eyebrows. You don't want eyeshadow past that area. It not only looks messy but could migrate into the crows feet. If I have a special event in the evening I will start out with light eye make up and no mascara in the morning so I can add to it in the evening. Don't overdo evening eye make up because it's not always flattering on women over 50. Use a darker shade of lip stick to add more color to your face if you think you look washed out.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dress Codes

A Black Tie invitation calls for formal attire. Men wear tuxedos, women wear cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening separates. A little black dress is completely appropriate for black tie functions.
Formal usually means the same as Black Tie, but in some trendier cities like New York or Los 
Angeles, it could mean a black shirt, no tie with a tux. Women wear cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening separates.

A White Tie or Ultra-formal invitation requires men wear full dress, with white tie, vest, shirt. Women wear long gowns.

Black Tie Optional

A Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited gives you the option of wearing a tuxedo or formal dress, but it should clue you into the formality of the event, meaning a dark suit and tie would be your other option. Women wear cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening separates.

Creative Black Tie

Creative Black Tie leaves room for trendy interpretations of formal wear. He can go more modern with a tux -- maybe a black shirt, no tie. She wears long or short dresses or evening separates.
Sometimes, themed parties call for dress codes like Texas Black Tie, or other variations of Creative Black Tie. In that situation, you can have more fun with it, choosing a dressy look with a theme (for him, it could be a tux with boots and for her it could be a long dress paired with Southwestern style silver belt and jewelry).

Resort formal is a designation for warm weather locales (like a beach wedding) where the women can wear something bright and lightweight (floral sundress for example.)


Semi-Formal or After Five means that tuxes are not required, nor are long dresses. An evening wedding (after 6 PM) would still dictate dark suits for him, and a cocktail dress for her. Daytime semi-formal events mean a suit for him and an appropriate short dress or dressy suit for her.

Business Formal is the same as Semi-Formal for him, but for women it suggests that women opt for more tailored dressy suits and dresses. The idea is to still be business appropriate -- which means nothing too sexy or slinky -- but still dressed up.

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail Attire means short, elegant dresses for her and dark suits for him. The little black dress is the ultimate cocktail dress and appropriate for most special occasions.

Informal is often interpreted as the same as Casual but it actually calls for the same dress as Semi-Formal -- dark suits for him, short dresses for her -- especially when associated with a wedding or special event.

Festive Attire

Festive Attire is usually seen around the holidays, with the mood of the party being Informal or Semi-Formal. For her, it means to choose looks with a bit of sparkle or holiday bent (i.e. a beaded sweater with black pants, a red silk blouse with a black skirt).


Dressy Casual calls for dressed-up versions of casual looks. For him, it could be trousers and a sportcoat, for her a dressy pants look. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts and other casual looks are not appropriate for Dressy Casual.

Casual generally means anything goes (including jeans, sneakers, etc.) If the host or hostess wants a more dressed-up approach, it would be dictated on the invite.

And when in doubt about what to wear, remember you can always ask the host or hostess what they expect party guests to wear.

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Dry Winter Skin

When we turn on our furnaces the heat dries out our skin. If you are over 50 your skin will dehydrate quickly. It's time to use the heavier facial moisturizers available in the skin care line that you already use. If you are not using a group of products, now is a good time to find something. You may want to investigate products in drug stores, department stores, salons or direct sales companies like Mary Kay and Avon. Every morning I splash my face in the basin over and over to remove my cleanser. This helps add hydration to the skin. I apply a moisturizing serum and cream moisturizer to trap the moisture on my skin. In the morning I apply a sunscreen that's formulated for the face with SPF 30 instead of foundation. If you have fine lines and wrinkles the illumination from the sunscreen ingredients will give your skin a dewy, youthful appearance. Foundation will seep into fine lines and wrinkles and leave a dry, matte appearance. Face powder will dry the skin even more by absorbing the moisture from your skin care products. Use it sparingly on the nose and chin and to seal your lipliner before applying lip stick.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kenucky Fashion on Pinterest

These are my "Kentucky Fashion" Pinterest boards. I have one for Plus Size Ladies as well.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stop Bashing Big Business

Ever since the U.S. Presidential election there has been a real effort to bash people and companies who have achieved a high level of success. I thought the United States was founded on the principles of good business. Most of the very large corporations today were founded decades ago. Without big business there wouldn't be smaller businesses that provide supplies and services. The idea of adding more taxes to businesses doesn't make sense. What makes even less sense is the bashing of the families that started or own these businesses today. People don't realize how much these companies contribute to their communities by their enormous donations to charities and non-profits. Many of these organizations help the dis-advantaged and infirm in their communities that social programs do not cover. I attend charity fundraisers all the time. I see these business owners or their CEO's contributing large amounts of money to help keep the doors open for these great causes and organizations. We do the same with our family owned business, just on a smaller scale. We all agree that it's good to "give back" to the community that supports us. We also give to charities, organizations, school athletic programs and churches who come to us with a need for funds. It can be exhausting weeding through the abundant requests but my husband does this personally. He also serves on the Boards of several charities in our community for everything from grants to cancer and other types of disabilities. I take personal offense when someone who doesn't understand begins to bash people who own or run successful businesses that do so much for our community and our country. The new health care laws are already causing problems for big business. I hope that all of us can survive it.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pretty Flat Shoes

Pretty flat shoes are appropriate for any occasion. A buckle on the toe looks best with jeans and tweed slacks and skirts. Flats with flowers or "blossoms" look best with dresses and dress slacks. Flats covered in sequins, glitter or "gems" are best saved for evening events when wearing silk, satin or clothes with embellishments. Flats with hardware like designer logos look good with nearly everything so they are a good investment. Plain flats can be worn with everything too depending on what they are made of. Rough leather looks casual while shiny materials look dressy. I have black patent leather flats that I wear frequently with suits and dressier clothes. They came in handy today when my husband and I attended an event. There weren't enough chairs for everyone so we stood for over an hour through all of the speeches. We also had to walk quite a distance to and from the parking lot so flats were a great choice.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Fritter Away"

"fritter away" (verb) "To spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly." It's easy to "fritter away" money on clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories when you start your shopping among the sale racks and tables. If you added up what you've spent over the years on sale items that didn't work, you probably could have purchased some very good pieces. Before you go shopping in stores or on-line take a look at your wardrobe. Maybe there are pieces you've been meaning to buy to complete an outfit. Maybe you need a pair of good quality work shoes. Maybe you have the start of a fun outfit or something to wear to a holiday party. If you take a few notes before you shop you will stop "frittering away" your hard earned cash on things that won't work for you. Don't be seduced by sales. If those items were all that great to begin with then why didn't someone buy them?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drugstore and Discount Store Shopping List

Everyone shops for beauty supplies at drug and discount stores. Here is list of some of the products I buy on a regular basis: "Almay Makeup Remover Sticks" for cleaning up eye makeup that falls under your eyes or to clean up mistakes. Rite-Aid "Renewal 3-in-1 Cotton Variety Pack" with 30 cotton swabs, 10 cotton rounds and 10 cotton balls, great for travel. "Finishing Touch" personal shaver for women who don't like to tweeze, shave or wax facial hair. It will also shave the nape of the neck if you have short hair. "wet n wild" lipstick #902C "Bare It All." According to Pinterest it's supposed to look like an "YSL" nude lipstick shade. "Nivea Skin Firming Lotion." It keeps my skin moisturized during dry winter months. "Leggs" or "No Nonsense" black opaque tights. I've had some of mine for years because I wear nylon gloves when handling them. A small "day of the week" pill box in clear. These are handy for tiny bits of leftover lip sticks and glosses. You will need to purchase an inexpensive drug store brand lip brush if you don't own one already. The pillbox lip sticks and glosses are great for travel too. It's fun to make new shades from dipping your brush into two or three colors then adding a gloss. Travel size containers (empty) and a black "Sharpie" to write your product names on the outside. Put the date on the lipstick pillbox too so you will know when it's time to throw them away. Give the ink 24 hours to dry before filling with your favorite products and lipsticks.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Price Stickers on Shoes

Please check the soles of your high heels to make sure there are no a price stickers on them. I've attended many special events and could clearly see price stickers on the soles of women's shoes, especially if they are in front of me on stairs or escalators. A little "Goo Gone" will take the adhesive off that is left from the stickers.

Large Animal Prints

Large animal print garments, especially Zebra prints may not be very becoming on women over 50. I saw an older woman in a skin tight, too short Zebra print dress the other night. First of all she needed a good bra to bring her "Girls" up to where they belonged. This is something I see frequently. Last night I saw an older woman in a big, billowing Zebra print top that also had sequins scattered all over it. She was wearing very large rhinestone hoop earrings, heavy eyeliner, too much blusher and red lipstick that had migrated into the fine lines around her lips. It was overwhelming. A lot of women over 50 wear way too much makeup. As we age we lose pigment in our skin. This means our makeup needs to be lighter than when we were younger. Soft pinks and nudes work the best. No one looks good with eyeliner and lipstick caught in the wrinkles and lines that are a part of the aging process.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sequins and Embellished Clothing

Sequins: There was a time when women never wore clothing with sequins during the day or for casual wear. Sequins and other sparkling embellishments were saved for special events and evening wear. I still adhere to those old rules. If I wore sparkling clothes all of the time then I wouldn't feel very dressed up for special occasions. If you plan to wear sequins, etc. to a dance take a moment before you leave the house to do a little dancing in front of a full length mirror. If you don't have a rock hard body it's possible that the placement of sparkling decorations will draw a lot of attention to areas of your body that jiggle when you dance. I witnessed this last night in a club. The woman's top had dark sequins at the shoulders with lighter sequins going down to the waist. Let's just say her "muffin top" was highlighted as she danced and brought all eyes to her mid-section. If you want to wear glittering clothes to a dance, keeping them above the bust line may be more becoming.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hard Working Kentucky Women

Maybe it's the outdoor lifestyle we enjoy in Kentucky that makes the way we dress seem too casual to people from other states. Kentucky women love to hunt, fish, camp outdoors and enjoy tailgating at college and high school football games. I know many women who own fire arms and are not afraid to use them. It's not unusual to hear a story about a teen age girl shooting a large Buck or reeling in a giant Catfish. We have sports programs in our public and private schools for young girls. They learn how to be fit, healthy and self-confident young women by the time they graduate. Kentucky women like to watch sports as much as the men do and they will quote you chapter and verse on their favorite teams and athletes. Kentucky women seldom shy away from hard work. Many do very physical jobs that have traditionally been held by men. It would be ridiculous for a woman driving a forklift or fixing electrical wires in a cherry picker to wear anything but protective footwear and clothing. We have women who work for UPS and build Ford trucks as well as serving in every branch of the Military. Some are deeply involved in the horse breeding, racing and farming industries. There is no reason for these women to dress up every day or to be aware of the latest "designer" apparel. We are still women though and most of us like to dress up for special occasions, like the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and Keeneland in Lexington. We also enjoy dressing up to show our support at charity events, the opera, and performances at the Center for the Arts. It is my sincere pleasure and honor to help Kentucky women discover their personal style and find good quality clothing that fits their body type. I want to help them increase their self-confidence not just when they have a special occasion but every day no matter where they go or what they do for a living.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Kentucky Fashion" is NOT and Oxymoron

The definition of oxymoron: [(ok-see- mawr -on)] "A rhetorical device in which two seemingly contradictory words are used together for effect: “She is just a poor little rich girl.”" When I chose the name "Kentucky Fashion" for my Facebook, Twitter, Polyvore and Blog name it never occurred to me that someone might think it was an oxymoron. I thought it described what I was attempting to do....bring a little fashion and style advice to my Friends in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Nearly a year later I realize that not everyone believes there are fashionable women in Kentucky but that's their perception not mine. I have received a lot of favorable feedback from people who read my pages and view my Sets on Polyvore so I will continue with my rewarding "hobby." As I have traveled around the country I have shopped in some very fine establishments. Quite often I am asked where I am from. No doubt my "Kentucky Twang" is revealed when I answer. Occasionally, I sense the sales person assumes I am a hick or a country bumpkin. I try to smile so she will see that I have all of my own teeth since that is often in question. Salespeople, who treat me with so little respect, will not enjoy the commission from a possible purchase. I am sure they are trained to weed out those who appear to be serious shoppers from those who are just curiousity seekers. I have studied the history of fashion, read many biographies of the most famous fashion designers, have a subscription to "Vogue" and "W" magazines and keep up with fashion trends on the Internet. I am always clean, well dressed with make up applied and my hair fixed when I go shopping. If I choose to visit a designer boutique it stems from a passion for the work of that designer, not just because I want to look at "bling." Below are some tips for people who would like to browse designer boutiques and retail shops that offer high end merchandise. Kentucky Women are not backward but we may be shy about entering an establishment only to be greeted by icy stares or someone who makes us feel as if we don't belong. When I visit a designer boutique or high end shop I am always very careful when I handle the fine fabrics used to make the clothing and scarves. Instead of grabbing and pulling on a hanging garment I use the back of my hand in a vertical position to gently go in-between the garments. I move the hook of the hanger by sliding it to the right or the left. If I handle the fabric I start at the inside of the hem. Not only does this protect the fabric if my hands have oil on them from lotion but it also demonstrates to the sales staff that I respect the fine fabric and construction of every garment I touch. I was fascinated by the tiny chains that were interwoven in a "Chanel" tweed fabric used for a long jacket. I carefully brought the jacket closer to me so I could see it better. I ask the sales staff a lot of questions so they will know that I am serious and not there to waste their time. I would never try on a pair of designer shoes unless I was planning to purchase them. If you do be sure to ask for a "footie" or whatever they offer to cover your bare foot. Never stick your bare foot into an expensive designer shoe, it is very rude and disrespectful. I always ask the sales person to open and close handbags or pull scarves out of the display case to spread out on the counter. I put my hands behind my back to show respect for their products. I ask them to bring only one jewelry item out of the case at a time. Again, this shows respect and creates trust. I think it is a good idea to take children and grandchildren into stores that sell high end goods. They need to learn how to behave when surrounded by items they don't normally see.

Nude Hosiery

Nude hose. They've gotten a bad name over the past few years as women opted for a bare leg look. That's fine if you have perfect looking legs. Tanning helps too but we don't always have the time. I like nude hose as long as they are a "body match." I learned about this while judging Junior Miss pageants years ago. If you can find hose and shoes that match your skin then your legs are going to look better. If you have varicose or spider veins the nude hose will smooth them out visually. Department stores always have samples of their hose near the displays. Put your hand inside the samples until you find your "body match." Always check the size chart on the back because all of them are different. If in doubt and if your budget allows buy a pair from at least two different manufacturers. If one fits save the packaging so you will know what to buy the next time. My Grandmother Ruby taught me to put on a pair of white nylon gloves before handling my hosiery. She said it keeps them from getting pulls and runs from rough fingernails and rings. They last longer too. The gloves are sold in Bridal departments and Bridal shops. I launder my hose in a lingerie bag in the washing machine and hang them up to dry. I don't like hose worn with open toe shoes or sandals. I have a pair of hose without toes in them but they tend to cut off my circulation. The gloves work well for handling opaque tights too. I'm still wearing some that I've had since 2005.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Designer Handbags

Designer handbags: A lot of women I know would never dream of spending $$$ or $$$$ on a handbag. Even though the quality and style could never be matched in a less expensive bag. A high quality handbag can be worn with everything but a cocktail dress or an evening gown. It will be your constant companion and is large enough to hold everything you need while at work or running the grandkids to ball games. It is an "investment" piece. It will raise your self-confidence by making you feel put together even if you aren't. A designer handbag in black or brown will go with just about everything in your closet. I know this because my husband bought me a beautiful black designer bag for my birthday two years ago. I've carried it every day since. Using "fashion math" I took the price of the bag and divided it by the number of days I've used it. It came out to a very insignificant amount per day. The bag is well designed and comfortable to carry. There are no rough edges and or too much embellishment. It looks sleek and is just the right size to carry everything I need. Christmas is right around the corner so do a little browsing on your favorite designer's website. Stop and look at the higher priced bags in local department stores. Let your family know you would like one and maybe everyone will pitch in and give mother/grandmother a beautiful designer handbag for Christmas or her next birthday. ♥

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Tips From My Dressing Room

To make your manicure last longer or if you just like your nails to have some shine I recommend "Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat." If your coat hangers leave bumps on the shoulders of your tops, keep a travel size spray bottle of water handy. I spritz the area and smooth the bumps out and the fabric is dry and flat before I leave the house. I also carry one in my luggage to spritz my hair and to get wrinkles out of my clothes. If I don't have time to do my hair before leaving the hotel room I just dampen it with water in the spray bottle and use a wide tooth hair pick to rearrange my hair where I've slept on it. My sewing basket has needles pre-threaded with at least 10 different colors. It's easy to make quick repairs and replace buttons. I don't like panty lines and I refuse to wear thong underwear at my age so the compromise is "Bali Skimp Skamp" panties in black and nude. They are soft and slick so clothing glides over them and they are very light weight so you can't tell you are wearing anything. They are especially comfortable if you are long waisted like I am because they stretch to fit. The lady at Von Maur told me that a new panty called a "shaping shortie" is flying off the racks. The tag reads: "maximizes comfort while giving you a hug around the middle."

Monday, August 27, 2012

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

Normally I don't watch the show but something about Sally grabbed my attention. Maybe she reminded me of so many women I've known. Weighing in at over 300 pounds was shocking. I don't know why since we've all seen this type of show in the past. Maybe it was the sadness in her eyes as she spoke about her three year old son. She wanted to be alive to raise him with her husband. Her story was a bit different from most. She was not an overweight child. She gained weight after a terrible accident that broke her leg and ankle in several places. After being examined by her physician she was cleared to proceed with the personal trainer, the star of the show. I don't know about you but if I had come home from a trip away for extensive personal training I probably would be thinking about the comfort of my home and being surrounded by all the things that I love. While Sally was away the trainer's "team" renovated her living room and kitchen. They removed her sofa, TV and other items, painted the walls bright blue and moved exercise equipment into the space. They had cleaned out and organized her kitchen so there was nothing left that wasn't on her meal plan. I can't imagine how difficult this must have been for her husband and son. To top it off there was a camera mounted in the ceiling pointed at the exercise equipment so the trainer could log onto his computer and see what she was up to. Sally could never reach her weight loss goals so everyone was very disappointed in her. She had plenty of excuses...some of them legitimate. Eventually she was sent to see a counselor to get to the root of her food issues. In my opinion the counselor should have been the first stop not the last. Many people overeat to comfort themselves because they have not successfully dealt with emotional traumas and issues. Self-loathing is usually lurking underneath the surface from one diet failure after another. It took Sally a year to lose the weight through regular, daily exercise and eating fresh foods in proper proportions. She qualified to receive surgery to remove 6 square feet of loose skin. Recovering from that kind of surgery must be very painful. The show ended with her looking very beautiful and happy. I hope that her husband, who didn't look very supportive in the beginning, will help her keep the weight from coming back on. It's important for anyone living in the home of a morbidly obese person to do their part by not bringing fattening foods and beverages into the home. No one has that kind of willpower day in and day out and will eventually fall back into unhealthy behaviors. Here's the episode on ABC:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Burgundy is the New Black"

Nina Garcia of "Marie Claire" magazine and the TV show "Project Runway" says "Burgundy is the new black."  I've noticed some very beautiful burgundy clothing and accessories in magazines and on the Internet recently.  There have always been burgundy lip and nail colors but I caution women over 50 to be careful when wearing them.  Dark lipsticks can bleed into the tiny lines and wrinkles around the mouth.   If you plan to wear them be sure to buy a lip pencil in the same color.  After lining and filling in your lips, dust with loose powder to set the liner in place.  This will keep you from having a dark line around your lips as your lipstick wears off.  After applying your lipstick blot the excess off with a tissue and add some clear gloss just to the center of your lips.  This will make them appear wider.  Dark lipstick on thin lips will make them look even thinner so if you don't want that look opt for a nude or pink lipstick to wear with your burgundy clothing.

Burgundy nail polish will be high maintenance. If you don't use a lot of top coat on the edges it will chip off very easily.  As your nails grow out the area next to your cuticle will show.  You will have to touch up that area by applying another coat of polish to your entire nail.  The negative side of dark nail polish is that it will accentuate age spots on the back of your hands. If you don't like the appearance of your hands then opt for a nude nail polish.  Nude will make your fingers and nails appear longer and will not draw attention to age spots, veins and freckles.  Always apply sunscreen to the back of your hands so you won't get additional spots.

I'm sure there will be burgundy hosiery for sale this season.  I think it will be hard to coordinate that color with anything other than black.  If you choose burgundy opaque tights for instance, don't wear a burgundy dress or skirt.  It would be better to wear black and add a touch of burgundy close to your face with a scarf or jewelry.  Garnets are a beautiful stone to wear next to the face and are not very expensive.

When I was growing up we wore Bass Weejuns that were called "Oxblood." This is very close to Burgundy, maybe not as dark.  If you like to shop in vintage and resale shops look for Oxblood loafers.  They look great with everything from jeans to wool plaid skirts.  They are comfortable for wearing to work especially if given a fresh coat of polish.  Loafers can usually be re-soled at a shoe repair shop.  If you find old ones take them directly to a shoe shop to have them reconditioned. If you cannot find loafers in the women's shoe department check the men's shoe department.  Men have always worn loafers and you might be surprised by their comfort and style.

Burgundy dresses of every length are elegant and beautiful.  They look just as good as an LBD (little black dress) for special events.  The nude and metallic shoes you wore all summer will look beautiful with burgundy.  Unless the colors are identical don't try to match a burgundy dress, skirt or slacks with burgundy shoes.  It will make you look very "dated" and old fashioned.  Black shoes would be better if you don't own nude.  Look for nude shoes every time you shop.  You never know when you will find the perfect pair that comes close to your skin color with the perfect heel and style.  A nude pump is a good investment because it can be worn all year and with just about everything in your wardrobe.  I believe if you have black and nude shoes in your closet you don't necessarily need other colors.  Nude shoes make your feet almost disappear in photos unlike white shoes that almost always make your feet look larger, especially in photos.

A little burgundy can go a long way.  Only wear one piece at a time.  It's a nice color to add to your accessories if you don't want to invest in clothing or shoes.  Check out the collection of scarves in consignment and resale shops.  It was popular in the early 1970's so I'm sure there are scarves still in circulation from that time and made of very nice fabrics like silk and wool.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Have We Become Desensitized?

I love watching old movies and by "old" I mean from the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's.  I like them because they usually depict old standards of morals, values, modesty and respect.  The good guy or gal wins because they have taken the right path even if it was full of challenges.  They win because they are supported emotionally or physically by family and friends.  They are given support because they are doing their best to right a wrong, make order out of chaos, clean up what has been soiled, heal the sick, tend to the wounded in body, mind or spirit and save the good people from the evil ones.  If a character is an evil person it is shown at the end of the movie how that person didn't win because the good guys and gals stuck to their morals and values and things turned out right.

Movies are usually works of fiction not documentaries.  In the past the only movies with guns were depicting cowboys or wars stories.  Hollywood excelled in movie making during the Great Depression and World War II that helped people get through the hardships of their daily lives.  The movies made after the attack of Pearl Harbor were meant promote patriotic feelings. Americans were busy supporting  the war effort through rationing and needed an emotional boost from time to time.

There was a change in the way Hollywood made movies in the following decades.  At a time when women were struggling with equality, the movie producers began to depict them in less than flattering ways.  Instead of women's costumes being modest they began to show more and more skin.  Some female movie stars refused these costumes and insisted on modest clothing.  They knew they were role models for women and didn't want to depict a woman who had loose morals.  A woman's body should be sacred and not be used to entertain others.  How will young men learn to respect their female peers if all they see are scantily clad women and how they are used and abused by the male characters?

We have become so desensitized that we no longer notice when girls and women are depicted in the media as "things" rather than human beings.  I'm paying more attention now and when I feel uncomfortable watching the way a woman's character is being played I pay attention to the advertisers that sponsor the show.  I vow not to purchase whatever they are selling.  My husband and I have walked out of movies due to the violent content and refuse to see movies that are full of gratuitous violence, especially violence against women.  We will not support movies and TV shows that try to desensitize us into accepting whatever is put on a screen.

I've noticed a lot of low cut women's clothing on the racks.  I've seen women in the workplace wearing these garments.  They have to adjust their tops frequently to cover their cleavage which is never appropriate in the work place.  It's difficult to dress appropriately when the clothing is of such poor design.  The fabrics are too thin and cling to the body in an unflattering way.  Women, especially plus size women, are frustrated by the lack of good quality, conservative clothing for the workplace.  We need to stop buying inferior garments so the stores will have a surplus at the end of a season.  Maybe then their buyers will get the message.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Handmade Jewelry from Arizona

This is a beautiful handmade necklace.  It's sterling silver with black glass beads.  To see all of Annelle's jewelry please visit her website:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Modern Day Classic Dressing

The "Set" shown below, "Modern Day Coco Chanel," is an illustration of a classic outfit that will never go out of style.  The LBD, Little Black Dress, can also be a black shell and skirt if separates fit better.  If slacks are available in the same fabric and color buy them too if the budget permits.  I own five black dresses in various styles and lengths.  If Navy blue is more flattering on your skin tone then always look for Navy dresses when shopping on-line or in the stores.

A cream sweater is a good investment because it can be worn three seasons of the year, at least in Kentucky.  Buy the best quality you can afford.  The sweater shown in the Set below is a cashmere blend so that means it is extra soft and beautiful.

A woman should have a signature scent.  Always test perfume on your own skin. It takes a little while for the fragrance to blend with your own body oils so wait about 30 minutes before making a purchase. Department stores usually have sticks of paper near the sample perfumes so you can spray some on the paper and take it home.  Take several different brands home so you have a good choice.  Jot down the name of each sample so you'll know which one to buy.

A "Kitten" heel shoe is more comfortable than a higher heel for women who have foot problems and pain.  It's a classic heel and can make an outfit look a bit dressier than a wedge or a flat shoe.  The shoes illustrated in the Set below are called "cap toe." Coco Chanel believed that the black cap on a cream shoe made a woman's foot look smaller.  Many shoe manufacturers make flats and heels with a cap toe.  This is a classic style that has stood the test of time.

A black leather purse with a chain strap is also very classic.  A navy blue one is a good idea if your "Palette" is navy rather than black. Chains reflects light, that's why Coco Chanel used them on her handbags, and it can make a purse look a bit more dressed up.  If you can find a quilted bag all the better.  The added texture of the quilting adds interest.  It can also be worn with casual outfits too.

If you cannot afford genuine pearls then opt for faux (fake) ones.  A simple strand of pearls is very classic and can be worn with everything from an evening gown to blue jeans.  If genuine pearls are not in your budget opt for faux pearls.  Buy necklaces and bracelets with good quality clasps if you are buying faux items.  Vintage stores, antique malls and flea markets are good places to buy pearl jewelry. Look for strands that have tiny knots in between each pearl.  That adds strength and durability.  Be sure to soak them in water every once in a while to keep them clean and the string hydrated.  Look for pearl stud earrings made of sterling silver, surgical steel or 14 karat gold.

Black undergarments are another basic that I consider a good investment.  A good fitting black bra, shape wear, panties and half slip will keep you looking sleek under your LBD.  If the bra strap happens to slip out from under your black dress it's not as noticeable as a white or colored bra strap.  I've never liked the look of bra straps showing under any circumstance.  If you wear a bra under a garment with spaghetti straps then choose a bra that closely matches the garment color or opt for a strapless bra.

Having these classic items in your closet means that you will be ready for almost any event even with short notice.  Get in the habit of sending your LBD's to the cleaners to keep the deodorant and perfume from damaging the fabric and to keep them ready to go at a moment's notice.

I like clear anti-perspirants because they don't leave white residue on dark clothes.  I'm allergic to some of the ingredients in clear products so I have to use the regular formulas.  I place a clean tissue under each  arm after applying deodorant so the excess will be absorbed and not rub off on my sleeveless LBD's. Applying it after getting dressed is the safest way to keep you from getting residue on other areas of the garment too.

I suggest you get ready in this order: dress, anti-perspirant, hair spray, perfume (I spray it in the air and walk under it, keeps it from being too strong) and pearls.  You never want to get hair spray or perfume on genuine pearl jewelry.  If this happens remove and wash them immediately.

Being "Ready to go" at a moment's notice will allow you to say "YES!" instead of "no" to invitations and special events.  Create an outfit that will always be waiting for the next invitation or special evening.  Being prepared will give you confidence which is one of the most attractive attributes of a woman.  When you LOOK good you FEEL good!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventures in Shape Wear

Shape wear has been around for a very long time.  Boned and wired corsets come to mind when I think back to a time when women's bodies were tortured into eye pleasing silhouettes. I'm sure if I were to delve into history I would find that the creators of these "cages" were men.  I don't know why a woman would fantasize about going back in time and living like that.  I think high heels were designed by a man, possibly a king, who wanted a shoe that would disable a woman when she tried to run away from his advances.  I've seen photos of Asian women whose feet are completely misshapen from "binding."

Now it's 2012 and we have "shape wear." Most people have heard of the brand "Spanx" by now.  Other companies sell similar products like Victoria Secret and Vanity Fair. I am old enough to remember wearing a long leg girdle to high school.  It had garters sewn inside the legs to hold up our stockings.  I was too thin to wear a girdle for the obvious reasons.  I wore one to have a smoother line on my backside since an elastic garter belt cut across my bottom in a very unflattering way.  Pantyhose were invented when I was around 16 or 17 but they were a far cry from the pantyhose of today.

A lot of women I know haven't owned a pair of pantyhose in over a decade. It was always a hassle to find the right size and fit and then if you got a runner in one leg you had to throw the whole garment away, unlike stockings.  Most women just wore slacks and Knee Hi's if needed for foot comfort.

I'm not sure when it started but perhaps we can blame the "no stocking legs with high heels" on shows like "Sex in the City." It IS true that your foot does not slip and slide as much when heels are worn without slick hose.  Unfortunately not all women's legs look good bare.  Many women over  certain age have varicose and spider veins.  Hosiery improves the look of legs that are less than youthful.  Many women opt for laser removal of the veins and enjoy the benefits especially when self tanner is applied frequently.

Control Top Pantyhose used to take the place of a pantie girdle.  When women quit wearing them it meant that their clothing was not going to be as attractive from the waist down.  Some women wear thong underwear which sometimes makes their backside look worse.  Thong underwear is for younger women who have zero cellulite and almost no loose skin or "jiggle." I've seen plenty of older women get up from a chair and have their dress, pants or skirt actually stuck in their "nether regions." I don't know a graceful way for a woman to pull out that fabric in public without embarrassing herself.  Thongs may work for some with pantyhose and sturdy jeans.  New underwear fabrics can make a panty line almost invisible.

The next time you go shopping in a store or on-line check out the new shape wear garments.  Buying a size larger than you think you will need will enable you to get used to wearing shape wear. After you are used to the fit and feel you can order a size smaller for times when you really want to look slimmer under a nice dress for a special event.  These garments can raise the self-esteem by making a woman feel thinner and more put together.  As with all undergarments you really only need to buy Nude and Black.  Nude looks best under whites and pastels and black looks best under dark and black clothing. I have a black one made by "Miraclesuit," the bathing suit company.  It is black and goes from the bottom of my bra to my lower thigh.  I love the way it makes me feel under my black and dark dresses and skirts.  Try'll never know until you do!

Look below at my "Shape Wear" Set for some examples of new ways to look and feel your best.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Matching Your Clothes

Matchy matchie, either way my computer's Spellcheck doesn't like it.  It's a word that has been coined in the fashion industry by stylists.  Decades ago a woman tried very hard to coordinate her outfits by matching items to each other much like a game of "Go Fish." The challenge was something to look forward to and we would become excited when an outfit came together.  I don't know when things changed, maybe it was the show "What Not To Wear" that gave women the idea that it was no longer "cool" to match their clothes in an outfit.  To me it is not an outfit if the elements don't match.  In interior design we do it all of the time.  Repeating a color or element in a room gives it a look and feel of balance.  The same holds true for an outfit.  By repeating colors and patterns you create a sense of balance and harmony.  Anyone can throw on a few articles of clothing and walk out of the door.  To me that is not true "style." While there will always be times and places where it's appropriate to wear something thrown together there will be times when a woman will need or want to coordinate her outfit and make it something attractive and cohesive.  I don't think we would be so enamoured by shows like "Mad Men" if the wardrobe creator did not work very hard to match the female characters' wardrobes in an attractive and appealing way.  I don't think Christian Dior would have become so famous if he had not created his "ensembles" of a matching dress and coat.  He had a shoemaker create the perfect matching shoes for his ensembles as well as coordinating handbags and hats.  The costume jewelry market of the 1950's took their cues from the Paris designers and created works of art to be worn with the designer creations.  All of this is art to me.  When I'm styling an outfit I look at all of the elements, colors, fabrics, patterns and silhouettes. When it comes together it looks cohesive and attractive.  When a woman wears such an outfit it makes her feel more confident and special as well as pretty.  I hope that before long "matchy matchy" will no longer be dirty words.

Monday, July 9, 2012

If You Love Something,

"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it does not come back, it was never meant to be."

Monday, July 2, 2012

80% of 10 Year Old Girls Have Been on Diets

A plus size model's smallest dress size is an 8.  That means the models we see in magazines are probably a size 0 or 2.  That's unhealthy, especially when they are so tall.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

By Annelle

This website features handmade Southwestern and sterling silver jewelry.  I own two of Annelle's sterling silver bracelets and matching earrings and they are very well made.  I receive compliments every time I wear them.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Emily Post is the only website I trust to give accurate and time tested information regarding etiquette.  In the world we live in today there is not enough proper etiquette being used and it is apparently not being to taught to children either.  If you have an etiquette question please browse this website.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Polyvore Designs and Pinterest Boards

Here is a link to my Kentucky Fashion Polyvore page where I create outfits to post on my Pinterest Board and my Facebook page.  Feel free to browse my collection of Sets.

Here is a link to my Kentucky Fashion Pinterest boards.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tips From My Skinny Friends

Look over the entire selection of foods before you go through the line.  If the desserts are appealing then don't put bread or pasta on your plate.  Fill a dinner size plate with salad and put the dressing in a tiny bowl from the dessert table.  Always put a good size portion of a high protein food and several vegetables on your plate.  Don't get a dessert until you have finished the salad, protein and vegetable plates.  Get only one dessert and choose the smallest portion available.  A small portion leaves the exact same taste in your mouth as a large portion.

Cocktail Parties
Eat some protein while you are getting ready for the party.  Some lunchmeat or cheese will be enough. When you arrive ask for a white wine spritzer which is half white wine and half soda water.  It is very refreshing with a slice of Lime on a hot evening.  Look over the foods that are available then decide what you are going to eat.  If your stomach has protein in it you will eat fewer high calorie appetizers at the party.  The alcohol you consume will not go right to your head either.

Dining Out
Have a small snack while getting ready.  A high fiber granola bar will help take the edge off your appetite.  Don't eat any bread at the beginning of the meal.  Eat it toward the end.  You won't taste the sugar in it if you eat it first.  You would be surprised how much sugar is in a dinner roll.  If you plan to order dessert don't order a pasta dish or potatoes.  Eat salad, protein and vegetables only. Have only one alcoholic drink during dinner.  Make it last by alternating sips of water in between sips of alcohol.  Whenever possible split a dessert with someone at your table. Save half your food to take home for lunch the next day.  It's easier if you get a "to go box" at the same time as your meal so you can divide it immediately.  That's Dolly Parton's advice.

Charity Events
Many times we are served a meal that has already been "plated." This means that the salad course is already on the table and a server will bring you a plate of food at the appropriate time.  Sometimes there is a choice of dressing so choose the "clear" one.  Sometimes the dessert is already on the table so if you decide not to eat it then enjoy a dinner roll.  If you plan to eat it pass on the bread.  Never feel obligated to "clean your plate." There will be times when either you don't have room for that much food or you will not like the taste of it. 

If you spend a great deal of time in your vehicle then you must be prepared.  If you don't have the right kind of food with you (possibly in a small cooler) you will be more likely to pull up to a Drive-Thru window.  By having healthy foods in your vehicle and preparing perishable foods to place in a cooler before you leave the house you stand a better chance of eating properly throughout the day.

Again packing nutritious foods in a cooler every day will keep you from ordering high calorie foods while at work.  By having your own food handy you can eat a snack every 2-3 hours like the nutritionists recommend.  This keeps you from getting hungry and will also keep you from eating too much late at night.

Eat something every day for breakfast.  A high protein breakfast of eggs and or meat will keep you feeling good all day and may keep you from eating between dinner and bedtime when the metabolism is slower.

Pot-Luck or Family Style meals 
You control how much you put on your plate.  Start out with small portions, maybe the size of Nectarine.  You can usually go back if you want a second helping.

Grocery Shopping
ALWAYS eat a light snack before going to the grocery. You will make better choices.  Take tempting foods out of their original containers and place in jars or baggies.  The packaging is designed to make you want to eat the food inside even if you're not hungry.  Re-packaging will take the temptation away most of the time.  Put the expiration date somewhere on or in the container before throwing away the original package.

When you look good you feel better about yourself and have higher self-esteem.  You won't shy away from invitations because you will be prepared.  You might even want to buy some new clothes!

My advice: 
"Eat foods that are so fresh they would spoil if left on your kitchen counter for several days."

My size 2 friend kept a magnet on her refrigerator for years that read:

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."  

My Mother:
"One bite leaves the same taste in your mouth as 10."  

Anthony Robbins

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"After a While....."

After a While...
“After a while you learn
The subtle difference between
Holding a hand and chaining a soul
And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
And company doesn’t always mean security.
And you begin to learn
That kisses aren’t contracts
And presents aren’t promises
And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes ahead
With the grace of a woman
Not the grief of a child
And you learn
To build all your roads on today
Because tomorrow’s ground is
Too uncertain for plans
And futures have a way
Of falling down in mid flight
After a while you learn
That even sunshine burns if you get too much
So you plant your own garden
And decorate your own soul
Instead of waiting
For someone to bring you flowers
And you learn
That you really can endure
That you are really strong
And you really do have worth
And you learn and you learn
With every good bye you learn.”
Veronica A. Shoffstall

Sunday, June 10, 2012

" I hate my ________!"

I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard a woman say that to me about one of her body parts.  What's worse is that they say it to anyone who will listen, even their husbands.  Seriously, does a wife really need to point out her perceived "flaws" to her husband?  I wonder if husbands ever agree then get clobbered for it?  One thing I've never discussed with my husband is a body part.  I like to be mysterious and not draw attention to something on my body that doesn't please me visually.  Men are very visual creatures so why tell them to look at some part of the body that makes you unhappy?  From that point on he will look at that part of your body and say to himself "she always looked pretty good to me in that area but if she says it's disgusting then maybe I should think of it that way too."  Men are also simple creatures so why fill their heads with these silly things?  If you don't like the flesh hanging on the backs of your arms #1 wear clothing with sleeves and #2 think of a woman who has lost her arms. She would give anything to have them on HER body.  If you don't like your thighs then cover them up and again think about all the women in the world with no legs who would give anything to have yours.  A woman's body was designed for reproduction.  I've never seen a Bible passage telling women to loathe these bodies God gave us to do his/her work on Earth.  When I ask men what attracted them to their wives and girlfriends they never say "she didn't have any flesh hanging off her arms and she didn't have any cellulite on her thighs."  NO!  They normally say "I can't tell you exactly why I was attracted to her....let's just say I liked the whole package!"  I always praise them for saying that because it is a correct answer from my perspective.  I know an embalmer who never wants his wife to be rail thin.  He says he has to embalm older women who have been sick for a long time and have wasted away.  Feeling bones instead of healthy flesh and fat would be a turn off.  Women have been brain washed into believing that they must be thinner and prettier in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  Older women believed that all you had to do was discipline yourself in order to maintain a trim figure.  Maybe it works to wear firm girdles like they did so you can't overeat.  Times have changed and working women have to fuel themselves to get through their busy, chaotic lives.  While it's a good idea to have a protein bar in the bottom of your purse and a bottle of water in your car sometimes that's not possible.  Drive-thru restaurants are on every corner and having food available when on the go has become a part of our culture.  Double that if you have children or elderly in the car who need a meal.  It takes time and commitment to have a better looking body.  You must also have plenty of incentive.  Celebrities who walk the Red Carpet frequently must be thinner because the camera adds ten pounds.  Many of them rely on products like Spanx and will wear more than one pair at a time to look thinner.  Don't think for a minute that those beautiful gowns glide over bodies with nothing more than a thong underneath.  The older a celebrity the more foundation garments she has to wear so her bulges won't show.  We have the pull of gravity to thank for our clothes not fitting right after 50.  It's as if our skin is slowly melting and running down our bodies.  I wonder if people living in zero gravity in outer space would experience sagging skin or is that just one of the many gifts of living on Earth?  If your body is healthy and still functions relatively well be counting your blessings and not your flaws.  You are perfect in the eyes of your Creator.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plus Size Clothes Shopping

I went shopping today at one of my old, favorite stores.  I needed to return some items that were too small.  I noticed there were other middle aged and older women coming into the store to do the same thing.  This happens every time I shop there.  I used to be able to count on their merchandise when I needed well-made, basic clothing.  It was so convenient since the "color ways" were kept the same season after season so it was easy to keep adding trendier pieces as the years went by.  I amassed quite a wardrobe during those years and still wear most of it.  Times have changed and so has their merchandise.  The white blouses and tops were made of such thin fabric that I could read the price tags through them.  Unless something was lined at the shoulder I could see the wood of the coat hanger through the fabric.  The shoes are colorful but have no support so they are painful to wear.  The colors are no longer basic and neutral.  Instead they either look like cotton candy or fruit loops.  The last few things I purchased have shrunk even though I laundered them in cold water and hung them up to dry.

I left that store and drove a few miles to a store that caters to plus size women.  The fabrics were again a big disappointment because they were so thin and limp.  I imagine it's like trying to wear plastic wrap in the summer heat and humidity.  Are cotton, linen, rayon and silk so hard to come by?  Would we not want to pay a little extra for clothing that doesn't cling?  I felt a challenge coming on so I started digging, literally, through the stuffed racks.  In the first place, why so many garments crammed onto the racks?  It's impossible to find a size that way.  I managed to find only two dresses that were made of natural fabric with a pleasant "drape."  That means they will skim the body rather than adhere to every place a woman would prefer no one look.  I was impressed by the size and scale of the jewelry.  Plus size women need to wear larger pieces and longer necklaces.  Proportion and scale are very important.  I notice it more when petite women wear jackets that are too long in the torso and sleeves.  The women I know work hard at jobs or taking care of others.  I know it must be very frustrating when they have just a little bit of time to shop for clothes and it's a disappointing experience.

I get angry when I overhear people talking about a plus size woman behind her back but usually within ear shot.  First of all it is extremely rude!  I wish just one time a woman would turn around and make fun of the guy's big belly hanging over his belt.  All she has to say is "I guess it takes one to know one!"  I've witnessed elderly women making fun of what others choose to order in restaurants. They come from a different generation.  In their time a woman had no power so she had to keep herself "nice and trim" in order to get and keep a "good provider."  Now that women earn their own way they no longer have to starve themselves to keep a man in their lives.  How many metabolisms and hearts have been damaged by "Yo-Yo" dieting?   Real women do not starve or purge themselves and need attractive clothing in natural fabrics to get them through their long days.  The manufacturers need feedback from the women who wear their clothes.  I encourage you to E-mail your favorite clothing stores and let them know how you feel about what they sell.  If enough women do this it may make a difference in what you see in the stores in the future.