Sunday, December 23, 2012

Male Attention After 60

We all know women who base their self-worth and self-esteem on their ability to attract men.  It seems terribly old-fashioned to focus on that one aspect of life.  The days are gone when women had to make themselves desirable in order to "land" a good and prosperous husband to take care of her.  By the time a woman reaches her 60's her self-confidence should be based on other accomplishments, not  her ability to snag a look from a man.  I think it's immature and very obvious to others when an older woman's goal is "getting attention."  I've known older women who wear too much make up, short skirts and revealing tops in an effort to prove they can compete with younger women.  The kind of men they attract do not always have their best interests at heart.  Older women should be wary of younger men who shower them with attention and be suspicious of their motivations for starting a relationship with them.  If it's obvious the man could have his choice of younger women, the older woman should think twice about getting involved.  Some men love to trash older women they've slept with in "locker room" conversations with their buddies.  An older woman needs to take care of her reputation.

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