Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve: women who are photographed with drinks or beer bottles in hand. Put your drink down before a photo is taken. You never know where a picture like that will show up and if you are a young person on a career path it can be damaging. Trust one will add a caption of "isn't she classy" to a photo like that. If a woman has on a pretty outfit a beer bottle ruins the look. Most people like to keep their Holiday photos forever. Do what you can to keep yours attractive.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Male Attention After 60

We all know women who base their self-worth and self-esteem on their ability to attract men.  It seems terribly old-fashioned to focus on that one aspect of life.  The days are gone when women had to make themselves desirable in order to "land" a good and prosperous husband to take care of her.  By the time a woman reaches her 60's her self-confidence should be based on other accomplishments, not  her ability to snag a look from a man.  I think it's immature and very obvious to others when an older woman's goal is "getting attention."  I've known older women who wear too much make up, short skirts and revealing tops in an effort to prove they can compete with younger women.  The kind of men they attract do not always have their best interests at heart.  Older women should be wary of younger men who shower them with attention and be suspicious of their motivations for starting a relationship with them.  If it's obvious the man could have his choice of younger women, the older woman should think twice about getting involved.  Some men love to trash older women they've slept with in "locker room" conversations with their buddies.  An older woman needs to take care of her reputation.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cosmetic Hygiene

By Amanda Bown

"The cosmetic symbols on your beauty products indicate shelf life, ingredients and what you need to know to keep your skin safe. Since our make-up and skin care goods can harbour some pretty nasty bacteria, it's about time you got the lowdown on what cosmetic labeling means.

Make-Up Hygiene
We're a grubby lot when it comes to looking after our make-up. According to a survey carrie
d out by Debenhams in 2010, some women keep their cosmetics up to 15 years past their sell-by date. So, even if you are not sure what the symbols mean (read our glossary below for the details), if you haven't cleaned out your handbag for a while and your eyes, skin or lips start to itch, ditch that make-up quick!

The recommended lifespan of a mascara is six months but on average we use them for up to a year. Mascara wands are breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause conjunctivitis.
Dirty make-up brushes and sponges are ripe with the micro-organisms that cause herpes, ringworm and impetigo (an infectious skin disease that causes scabs and blisters). Yet 71% of women say they never clean them. Wash your brushes and sponges in a mild soapy solution once every two to three weeks and leave to dry completely.
Eyeshadow and blusher have a recommended lifespan of 18 to 24 months but they are kept on average for 180 months - that's 15 years.

60% of us regularly share make-up with our friends - multiplying the chances of infection.
If your make-up looks or smells strange, has dried out or has changed in texture, it's bad. Throw it out!

Cosmetic Symbols:

The 'lid' symbol indicates the recommended number of months within which the product should be used after it's first opened. Cosmetic products that have a lifespan of less than 30 months must show a 'best before end of' date - this may be shown as the 'egg timer' symbol, followed by the date. Some products, such as aerosol and perfumes, don't require any dates to be shown as they don't deteriorate in the same way, due to their high alcohol content."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Calories in Alcohol

Type of Wine Serving Size Calories
Rose Wine 1 Glass 73
Red Table Wine 1 Glass 102
White Wine 1 Glass 96
Dessert Wine 1 Glass 130
Riesling White Wine 1 fl. oz. 23
Riesling Sweet Dessert Wine 6 fl. oz. 270
Red Wine 3.5 fl.oz. 85
Dry Dessert Wine 1 fl. oz. 45
Dry Red Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 83
Dry White Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 77
Sparkling Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 92

Note: 1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735297 milliliters (about 30 mL).

Calories in Beer
Beer is the favorite drink of most men. Those who drink a large quantity of beer should watch out for its calories. Beer is made from fermented and brewed grains (mostly barley, malt and hops that are responsible for the characteristic bitterness of the drink). The ratio of malt and barley determine the strength of the beer.

Type of Beer Serving Size Calories
Mac's Light (1% Alcohol) 12 fl.oz. 40.6
Budweiser Select 55 (2.4% Alcohol) Bottle 55
Miller's Genuine Draft 64 (2.8% Alcohol) Bottle 64
Beck's Premier Light (2.3% Alcohol) Bottle 64
Pearl Light (2.2% Alcohol) Bottle 68
Labatt Nordic (0.5% Alcohol) 1 Serving 80
Aspen Age (4.1% Alcohol) Bottle 94
Michelob Ultra (4.2% Alcohol) Bottle 95
Natural Light (4.4% Alcohol) Bottle 95
Lager Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 150
Stout Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 195
Pale Ale Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 147
Wheat Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 165
Draught Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 126
Porter Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 200
Budweiser (5.0% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 145
Bud Light (4.1% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 110
Heineken Lager (5.0% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 150
Corona Extra (4.6% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 148
Foster's Lager (5.1% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 156

Calories in Whiskey
Scotch 'whisky' is always spelled 'without an e'. The method of preparation, ingredients (it is made from barley and water), the period of maturation determines the quality and aroma of the whiskey.

Description Serving Size Calories
Calories in Whiskey Shot 1 shot / 1 fl oz / 27.8g 64
Calories in Whiskey and Water on the Rocks 8 oz 124
Calories in Whiskey and Soda Single (25 ml) 56
Calories in Whiskey and Diet Coke Single (25 ml) 64
Calories in Whiskey and Coke Single (25 ml) 129
Calories in Whiskey Sour 1 oz 110-128
Calories in Scotch 1 oz 61-65
Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey 80 Proof (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 98
Johnnie Walker Black (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 95
Seagram's 7 Crown (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 95
Talisker whiskey (46% alc) 1.5 fl oz 111
Whiskey plus Lemonade single serve 80

Calories in Vodka
Good quality vodka contains a single ingredient like potato or wheat. The quality of the drink depends upon the smoothness and taste of the drink.

Description Serving Size Calories
Vodka and Diet Coke 5.66 fl.oz. 56
Smirnoff Ice 12 fl.oz. 175
Vodka plus Coke 5.83 fl.oz. 120
Vodka plus Orange Juice 5.83 fl.oz. 125
Vodka plus Red Bull 5.83 fl.oz. 113
Vodka plus Soda and Lime 6.66 fl.oz. 75
Vodka plus Tomato Juice 5.83 fl.oz. 100
Vodka plus Tonic Water 5.83 fl.oz. 90

Calories in Rum
Rum is made from the byproducts of sugarcane. It is made by fermenting and distilling molasses and sugarcane juice.

Description Serving Size Calories
Rum and Diet Coke 1 oz. rum 65
Bacardi Silver 12 fl oz 225
Bacardi Silver Lemon 12 fl oz 225
Rum, 100 proof 1.5 fl oz/1 jigger 125
Rum, 94 proof 1.5 fl oz/1 jigger 115

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oral Hygiene

Healthy gums and teeth are very important to your appearance. If you have diseased gums and rotting teeth you will not want to smile. If you don't have a dentist ask a trusted friend to recommend one to you. Have an examination and cleaning and if your teeth and gums need to be treated you will receive a care plan. This care plan will show you what kind of work needs to be done a
nd in what order. Everyone should have their teeth cleaned twice a year. Tooth and gum problems rarely heal themselves. Left alone they only get worse. Smoking ruins good teeth and gums so if you smoke, quit. Smoking ruins your appearance too by robbing your body of oxygen. You will get wrinkles much earlier in life if you smoke. You will also have many health problems throughout your life if you smoke. Remember that no one likes to talk to a person who has bad breath. When you smoke and have gum disease you have bad breath all of the time. Your teeth will turn yellow and your smile will be ruined. I go to "Mortenson Dental" on Poplar Level Road in Louisville. They are very nice people and won't fuss at you for not taking care of your teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Fitness is important not only to keep you looking sleek in your clothes but also for your heart and your mood. Nothing gets rid of stress faster than a 15 minute walk outdoors. Soon 15 minutes becomes 30 and so on. If you are over 50 it's important to remember that heart disease is the #1 killer of women our age. I feel much better when I spend time on my treadmill, doing a little stretching a
nd lifting a few free weights. I choose to exercise at home because it's faster and easier for me. When I exercise in a gym people come over to whatever machine I'm on and start talking to me. I guess I should take that as a compliment but it keeps me from getting a good work out. The benefits of regular exercise are many but most of all it puts you in a fantastic mood. Many of my Kentucky Fashion Friends exercise almost every day. They look great and never complain about clothes not fitting properly. Find something to do every day even if it's just climbing the stairs in your home or office several times a day. Strengthen your "body, mind and spirit." ♥

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Decollete

Bend over at the waist wearing only a bra, put your arms together at the elbows and look in a mirror. This is what people see when you wear something low cut and bend over to speak to someone who is seated. Everything that you use on your face should be used on your neck and chest. The ski
n below the neck is delicate so always apply sunscreen there as well.


"The décolleté area is more commonly known as the chest. Wrinkles that form along this area of the body should respond to the same products and procedures that are known to work on the face. This is largely due to the fact that any wrinkle that develops is a result of a combination of factors--including age, heredity and exposure to the sun--according to the National Institutes of Health.

Step 1
Apply a wrinkle cream to the chest each day. Though creams won't necessarily remove wrinkles from the décolleté area, the Mayo Clinic advises that you look for products made with the active ingredients of alpha hydroxy, retinol, kinetin, copper peptides or coenzyme Q10 to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Step 2
Try using Botox on deep wrinkles. While Botox is typically used for facial lines and wrinkles, it may help to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on your chest. The Cleveland Clinic asserts that Botox works by inhibiting the contractions of the muscles. It's administered by injection to provide a more youthful look for anywhere between three and four months.

Step 3
Consider soft tissue fillers. According to the Mayo Clinic, soft tissue fillers fill in deeper lines and wrinkles by injecting collagen or fat under the skin. Much like Botox, it's often reserved for facial imperfections, but it should help to remove wrinkles from the décolleté area. Effects can last as long as six months.

Step 4
Undergo skin resurfacing of the décolleté area. Skin resurfacing is mainly administered through the processes of dermabrasion or chemical peel. Both treatments remove the top layer of the skin, either with a wire brush or chemical agent, respectively. When the skin is removed, new skin is able to form that is healthier and often containing less wrinkles, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Step 5
Talk to your dermatologist about laser resurfacing. In this form of skin resurfacing, a laser is used to remove the epidermal layer of the chest as well as heat the dermal layer of the skin. This two-fold process not only provides healthier looking skin, but it also stimulates the production of both collagen and elastin. When collagen and elastin build under the skin, they work like soft tissue fillers, filling in deeper lines and wrinkles."

Vintage Clothing and Accessories

While I love Vintage clothing and accessories I don't love the look of an entire outfit made up of them.  I think they look a bit like a costume.  I prefer mixing in a few Vintage pieces to a modern outfit to give it a little character.  The Holidays are a great time to add sparkling Vintage jewelry to your outfits.  A beautiful Vintage handbag can be the start of a unique and festive outfit for a party or special event.  One time I pinned a rhinestone broach to an inexpensive satin evening bag to make it look much more expensive. Bags like these can be found in stores like "Payless" and stores that cater to brides. Use caution when pinning old broaches to fabrics.  The pins may be old, rough or discolored and can leave marks on fine or light colored fabrics.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Using Eyeliner After 50

Many times a woman over 50 looks more youthful if she doesn't line her lower eyelid. Gravity, age and sun damage may have caused the lower lid to droop or there are lines and wrinkles. Eyeliner will migrate into those lines throughout the day. Apply liner to the upper lid before applying eyeshadow. This will "mute" the dark line and give your eyes a more refreshed look. Black eyeliner can look harsh during the day but if you are allergic to brown eye make up (due to the red dye in the formula) go for soft black whenever possible. Always remove excess shadow from the outside corners of your eyes up to the end of your eyebrows. You don't want eyeshadow past that area. It not only looks messy but could migrate into the crows feet. If I have a special event in the evening I will start out with light eye make up and no mascara in the morning so I can add to it in the evening. Don't overdo evening eye make up because it's not always flattering on women over 50. Use a darker shade of lip stick to add more color to your face if you think you look washed out.