Sunday, December 2, 2012

Using Eyeliner After 50

Many times a woman over 50 looks more youthful if she doesn't line her lower eyelid. Gravity, age and sun damage may have caused the lower lid to droop or there are lines and wrinkles. Eyeliner will migrate into those lines throughout the day. Apply liner to the upper lid before applying eyeshadow. This will "mute" the dark line and give your eyes a more refreshed look. Black eyeliner can look harsh during the day but if you are allergic to brown eye make up (due to the red dye in the formula) go for soft black whenever possible. Always remove excess shadow from the outside corners of your eyes up to the end of your eyebrows. You don't want eyeshadow past that area. It not only looks messy but could migrate into the crows feet. If I have a special event in the evening I will start out with light eye make up and no mascara in the morning so I can add to it in the evening. Don't overdo evening eye make up because it's not always flattering on women over 50. Use a darker shade of lip stick to add more color to your face if you think you look washed out.

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