Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vintage Clothing and Accessories

While I love Vintage clothing and accessories I don't love the look of an entire outfit made up of them.  I think they look a bit like a costume.  I prefer mixing in a few Vintage pieces to a modern outfit to give it a little character.  The Holidays are a great time to add sparkling Vintage jewelry to your outfits.  A beautiful Vintage handbag can be the start of a unique and festive outfit for a party or special event.  One time I pinned a rhinestone broach to an inexpensive satin evening bag to make it look much more expensive. Bags like these can be found in stores like "Payless" and stores that cater to brides. Use caution when pinning old broaches to fabrics.  The pins may be old, rough or discolored and can leave marks on fine or light colored fabrics.

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