Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Long Black Dresses

Having a full length black dress in your wardrobe is a good idea.  Almost any accessory can be worn with one. You can wear black flats if high heels hurt your feet. Just make sure you have the dress hemmed for flats before you have to wear it. All of these gowns are from Dillard's.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

High Heels

I was talking to a friend the other day about wearing them. We don't live in the same city or do the same type of work so I tried to be respectful of her choice of footwear. After a certain age a woman's foot can develop issues, some requiring surgery. The TV show, "Sex and the City," made wearing high heels look easy and comfortable. That may be true for some women but not the maj...ority. These days parking lots and entertainment venues are very large requiring a lot of walking. If you are young, look at the feet of the older women in your family. You will see evidence of the issues your feet will have to endure if you don't take care of them. There are beautifully designed and decorated flats and kitten heel shoes on the market now. Limit your time in high heels and your feet will still be pretty when you are past 60. As I said to my friend "I've never met a man who told me that he fell in love with his gal because she was wearing awesome high heels." My husband told me I didn't need to wear them for him because wants me to be comfortable. Remember too that foot pain often shows in your face. It's hard to smile when your feet hurt. Take my advice and don't wear high heels to the #kentuckyderby or #kentuckyoaks. There are many different types of pavement at #churchilldowns including bricks so it's easy to fall or twist an ankle maneuvering around the track.