Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tasteful Halloween Costumes

You don't have to dress provocatively to get attention this Halloween. These costumes were mostly done with make up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oscar de la Renta Named Peter Copping as Creative Director

"Oscar de la Renta, the king of the ladies who lunch, has appointed a crown prince. On Monday, the house announced it had named Peter Copping as creative director, putting to rest a month of rumors about the move, and putting into place a succession plan for the brand.
“We have spent a considerable time determining how best to bring a new and important creative voice into our company,” said Alex Bolen, chief executive of Oscar de la Renta (and the designer’s stepson-in-law), announcing the news. “Peter will bring a fresh perspective to our brand, continuing the evolution of our business.”
Mr. Copping, the 48-year-old former artistic director of Nina Ricci, who officially left that brand at the beginning of October, will be responsible for all product categories, including ready-to-wear, accessories, bridal and home décor. He will report to Mr. de la Renta and Mr. Bolen.
His appointment makes him one of the few designers in the modern fashion industry to have actually been anointed as an heir apparent by a sitting creator, and it comes at time when a number of established designers are facing issues of succession, including Giorgio Armani (age 80) and Ralph Lauren (74). As a result, it will be one of the most closely watched creative moves in recent years.
Though Yves Saint Laurent worked with Christian Dior before briefly taking over the house at the designer’s untimely death, and Karl Lagerfeld was hired by founder Gaby Aghion at Chloé, the modern fashion world is not known for its smooth passing of design power. Indeed, according to Mr. de la Renta, this was an impetus for the decision to identify Mr. Copping and put him in place.
“Our industry has not always done the best job when it comes to changes in design leadership,” Mr. de la Renta said in the announcement. “My hope is that, in leading this selection and actively participating in the transition, I can ensure the right design future for our company and brand.”
Hubert de Givenchy, for example, was critical of the state of his brand after he sold it to LVMH and retired in 1995. In 2009, Tom Ford, speaking to The Advocate of his time as creative director of Yves Saint Laurent (which had been bought by then-PPR, now Kering), said of the house’s founders, “Yves and his partner, Pierre Bergé, were so difficult and so evil and made my life such misery.”
Mr. de la Renta, who is 82, and whose health has been precarious (he had cancer in 2006, and at his women’s wear show in September looked frail), had been thinking about naming a successor for the last few years. In 2013, John Galliano, the former Christian Dior artistic director, had a very well-publicized three-week stint in the de la Renta atelier, and though the resulting collection looked a bit like an uncomfortable amalgam of Mr. Galliano’s dramatic bias-cut styles and Mr. de la Renta’s more classic work, the house seriously considered hiring Mr. Galliano full time. In the end, however, they could not reach an agreement, reportedly in part because Mr. Galliano wanted to bring a number of former colleagues with him."
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Take Care of Your Clothes and Accesories

I'm a big believer in taking care of clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves and jewelry. All of these will hold their value and appearance much longer if taken care of.

CLOTHING: Hang up your clothes inside out after wearing them. This allows the fabric to air out and wrinkles to fall out. Turn them right side out the next day, check for stains and loose buttons then hang them in a designated area so you will know they have been worn at least once.

SHOES & BOOTS: They should be wiped off at the end of the day. Don't put them away until they have aired out. Check for scuff marks or worn out heels so you can take them for repairs ASAP. Use cut to fit swimming "noodles" inside your boots to keep them upright in your closet. Save your boot boxes for storage during warm weather.

SCARVES: They are handled frequently as well as being worn next to the skin. Machine wash and air dry synthetic scarves. Always dry clean scarves that are 100% silk or have some silk in them. Wearing a scarf under a jacket or shirt collar will keep the collars clean longer.

JEWELRY: Jewelry should be cleaned every time you wear it. The exception is wedding rings. Necklaces collect skin oils, hair spray and perfume so place them in a bowl of cool, clean water then lay them on a clean tissue to air dry. NEVER put genuine pearls in jewelry cleaner because they will dissolve. Clean earrings and bracelets too. Be careful when cleaning Vintage jewelry. Sometimes the glue holding stones in place has dried out and too much water will allow the stones to fall out. Vintage pieces and pearl jewelry should be stored in individual bags so they don't get scratched or damaged.

HANDBAGS:  If you have invested in an expensive handbag you should take very good care of it. Find out if you can clean it with neutral polish or if a clean, damp rag is recommended. If you have evening bags with embellishments they should be stored in gallon size zip loc bags. Store leather and canvas bags in cloth handbag bags or use old pillowcases. You can make them pretty in your closet by tying a color coordinated ribbon to the top of the pillowcases.

Watch for sales on wooden hangers for your heavy coats and jackets. Use them for suit jackets too. Buy hangers with clips for slacks and skirts so there are no coat hanger creases in the slacks. You will want to use hangers with rounded ends for shirts and blouses. I use padded hangers for clothing made of delicate fabrics. Wrap your shoes in individual bags when you pack them in your luggage.

Invest in an iron and ironing board. You can learn how to use them by viewing YouTube videos if there is no one around to teach you. Never put a hot iron on stained fabric. It will "set" the stain and may be impossible to get it out. Pay attention to the heat settings on the iron. You should read the garment care tag before setting the temperature on the iron. Test the iron on an unseen area of the garment to make sure it's not so hot that it will damage the fabric.

Invest in a sewing kit to make small repairs and to sew on buttons. I pre-thread needles with colors of thread that match most of my clothes and keep them in a pin cushion in my sewing basket. I can make a last minute repair very quickly because the needle and thread are ready to go.

Read the washing instructions on every garment you own. It's best to dry clean anything that has "Dry clean only" on the tag. Most people wash their clothing too often which damages the fabric and shortens the life of the garment. Over drying damages and shrinks fabric too. I use detergent for dark colors to launder all of my black clothes and dark rinse jeans. I tumble most of my clothes on the "Delicate" cycle and hang them up to air dry. Jeans don't shrink as much when dried this way. I use the clip style wooden pants hangers for slacks and jeans so they will dry straight and look nice.

It takes a little extra time to care for your clothes and accessories but it is time well spent. Your self confidence will benefit and others will notice when you look your very best!  
By Pamela Owen

Sunday, October 5, 2014

13 Things You Should Have in Your Closet by 30 from House Beautiful Magazine

1. Something Cozy Underfoot.  You know how you feel when you step into your favorite slippers? It’s like that, but EVERY time you walk into your closet. “I think that by the time you're 30 you should really be personalizing your closet,” says Melissa Picheny, Principal of Declutter + Design. “It shouldn’t just be a place to throw your things anymore it should be something that showcases your personality and speaks to who you are.” Choose a great sisal or leaf rug to warm up hardwood flooring or use floor tiles to create your own design.

2. Great Lighting. Not only will great lighting make you feel great but you’ll be able to see your entire wardrobe. Picheny suggests lighting that automatically turns on when you open the door or a great table lamp or chandelier to add character to the space. “It's time to make the investment—to be on your way to seeing the differences between your black and navy tops and trousers!” says celebrity closet designer, Lisa Adams of LA Closet Designs.  “If you have a walk-in closet, it's nice to have a chandelier or some type of ceiling fixture to complete your closet design; if not or in addition, replace your hanging rods with lighted hanging rods.”

3. A System For Your Shoes. By 30, shoes should not be thrown on the floor or under your bed. “You should have a dedicated space for shoes—for all types of shoes (e.g. Flats, heels, wedges, boots, etc.), and they should all be visible so you will wear them,” says Adams. “If you have to rotate shoes by seasons, then do so, but the ones you can wear should be easily seen at first glance.”

Small space tip: Not everyone has a walk-in closet but great organization will make the most of your space. “You can do a simple canvas shoe bag on the top of the door,” suggests Picheny. “I wouldn’t hang it over the top of the door I would drill it into the door by the corners.”

4. A Place For Treasured Items. Like handbags and jewelry. “Having a special place and moment for these things in your closet is important,” says Picheny. “So you know where to find them and where to put them.”—The key to not only a great looking closet but a well-organized one.

For jewelry: Use inserts or a small jewelry box to fit in the drawer. She also suggests putting treasured items toward the back of your closet.

For Handbags: Open shelving and clear dividers are a must! “[Handbags] should be on display because they are so beautiful,” says Picheny.

Quick Tip: Avoid storing items in the space between your top shelves and your ceiling, it’s hard to access and the space gives a less cluttered feel. “Its nice to have that clean line all the way around the closet, it makes It feel less cluttered.”

5. And A Designated Space For Everything Else. “Each category of clothing should have its own space. You should have a drawer (or two or three) for your workout clothes, for lingerie and undergarments. Same for your handbags and jewelry, (see above)” advises Picheny. “It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but you’ll know where to find your things and you’ll know where to put them which is key. That’s where people get a little lost, they have all this stuff and don’t know what to do with it.”

6. Pliios And Acrylic Shelf Dividers.  These are a great way to keep everything tidy. “College t-shirts have left (or they need to now!) and you are now buying designer pima cotton t-shirts,” says Adams. “Pliios are a great way to organize your t-shirts in a drawer in a filing system so every t-shirt is visible when you open the drawer.”

7. Hardware. “Be your own designer!” says Adams. “ Pick out your own handles and/or knobs for drawers based on your design style.  The options are unlimited.”

“Leather drawer pulls add richness to the space,” explains Picheny. “Or go fun and flirty with jewel tones. Something that really accents who you are. It changes everything.”

Budget Tip:You can use beautiful hardware to get an expensive look. Cheaper shelving and drawers can be elevated with beautiful drawer pulls.

8. A Mirror. A full-length one either in or near your closet.  “It's an important element to have in your dressing process,” says Adams. “Adding a decorative frame to your mirror creates a nice design touch and can add glam in an instant!”

Small space tip: Short on space? Picheny advises using a built-in, pullout mirror to make the most of the room you have. Or, purchase a mirror with shelves built in the back— a great way to sneak in extra storage.

9. Walls Painted In A Color You Love. Nothing changes the look of a space more than the wall color. Add a color that shows your personality. This is your space, “paint it a color that really speaks to you,” says Picheny.

Renting? She recommends temporary wallpaper to get the same glam look without losing your security deposit.

10. A Scent. It will make you feel like you’re shopping in a boutique everyday. Put sashes or diffusers in your drawers or around your closet.  “It looks pretty and it makes your whole closet smell good,” says Picheny. “And the scent gets on your clothes as well.”

11. Hooks. “Pull-out valet hooks are under-rated and a must have for everyone,” advises Adams. “They are perfect for packing, unpacking dry cleaning, and deciding what to wear every day.”

12. Hangers. By 30, you should have all of the same hangers. “Pick what you like and make them all the same,” says Adams. “Having all of the same hangers is a quick way to beautify your closet!”

13. A Safe.  “A must-have by the time you’re 30,” says Picheny. “You’ve probably built up a little collection of jewelry or things that are important to you so it’s good to have a safe tucked away, and feel safe about where your items are.”

by Lindsey Campbell