Monday, June 24, 2013

Facebook Posts for Late June

I LOVE "Chanel Translucent 1" pressed powder. I use pressed powder in the compact instead of loose powder. Loose powder can be too drying and look chalky. I also use "Chanel Le Crayon Levres" lip pencil in "Nude" because it is a shade or... two darker than my natural lip color. I not only line my lips but fill in my entire lip area so when it wears off I don't have a hard line around my lips. I "set" it by dusting my lips with the powder. I use "Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Colour" in whatever shade suits the time of day or season. These three items cost $108.00 without tax so they are an investment. I spent my younger years buying drug store brand make up and skin care but when I was in my 50's I decided that it was time to use better quality products on my skin. Chanel products last 18 months and because they contain a lot of pigment and high quality ingredients they stay on longer so you don't have to keep reapplying. I use other brands of lip products but nothing seems to last as long as my Chanel.

I use these products every day because they work so well. "Aveda Stress Fix" lotion and "Aveda Foot Relief" cream from "Joseph's Salon and Spa." "Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir" for fine hair and "CHI Pliable Polish" from "Hair Trevilian." I put a pea size amount in the palm of my hand and rub my hands together to warm it up. Then I run my hands through my hair before I use hair spray to give my hair a more modern look.

Jeans with more than 1-2% Spandex will fit when you first put them on but will stretch out as you wear them. You may have to keep pulling them up every time you bend over or sit down. "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" have a lot of spandex in them and sometimes polyester and cotton. I have to keep pulling them up unless I wear a belt to keep them in place. My most comfortable jeans are 99% cotton an...d 1% spandex. They stretch just enough and hold their shape throughout the day. I seldom have to pull them up each time I bend over or sit down. Check the "Content" label in jeans before you buy them. If they have more than 2% spandex try on a size smaller than you usually wear. As they stretch out they will fit better instead of looking baggy a few hours later. If you like "old fashioned" blue jeans look for 100% cotton.

I attended a luncheon today for an organization that cares for troubled youth. I was surprised to see one of their board members in a short tan skort and sleeveless, low cut, floral top. When she introduced herself I was shocked. She sat there talking about her family's long history with the organization all the while pulling her top up by the shoulders. I could see her very bare legs under th...e table. I was distracted from what she was saying because she was kicking her foot and I thought her casual, slip on shoe would fall off. She was too old to be dressed like a teenager. She looked like she had left her drink on her patio to come to the luncheon. I don't think she represents this organization very well. Remember: "First impressions are lasting impressions."

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Facebook Posts

I was browsing through the June issue of the "Wall Street Journal Magazine" today. Their fashion spread on pages 66-73 is called "Shapeshifters" and everything is "oversized" with flat, athletic shoes. I saw a similar spread in "Vogue" last year. Perhaps this is the only way to make plus size clothing fashionable in magazines that routinely use super thin models. I think it looks ridiculous. Why not hire plus size models who would make the clothing look more appealing and becoming? The caption reads "It's no longer about tight, tighter and tightest. The new proportions are a breath of fresh air." Do women really want to wear clothing that looks like it's 5 sizes to big?

A vent is a slit in the bottom rear (the "tail") of a jacket. A kick pleat is found at the back of a skirt or dress. Both of these items of clothing need to be checked for threads that keep the slit/pleat closed while being shipped to the store. Manufacturers no longer use contrasting thread to sew slits and pleats together so they are not easy to see and snip. Before you leave the house take a... pair of scissors and make sure those threads are cut and pulled out. Also, pockets might be sewn closed so carefully cut them open so you can use them. I use small, rounded, manicure or nose scissors to cut open pockets and pleats so I don't cut the frabric by mistake. Be kind and tell people when their vents are still sewn shut. They will thank you for it.
Mothers who talk down about their bodies, weight and appearance are teaching their daughters, granddaughters and other young girls to feel the same way about their bodies. It can cause them to focus too heavily on their outward appearance and less on developing good character and self-confidence. Eating disorders may be the result. Binging, purging, starving and laxative abuse are all very common in young women trying to have a "magazine" body. The images on Pinterest promote this too. Young girls don't know how "photoshopped" those pictures are. As adults we should keep our negative feelings about our bodies to ourselves.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

How Teen Girls Dress

I've been in a discussion on a group Facebook page about the way teenage girls are dressing.  Apparently there was a church picnic last night and everyone was horrified by the way the girls were dressed.  There have been more than 100 comments and "Likes."  I shared my "Respect Yourself" Teen Girls Pinterest board with the group and some are Following me now.  I suggested to this group that when you are shopping and you see inappropriate clothing being marketed to young girls they should complain to the manager.  With pornography being the #1 addiction in America we don't need to fuel that fire by allowing young girls to walk around "half naked," as some of the folks called it last night.  Young girls don't have the street smarts to fend off unwanted advances from older men and boys.  One parent posted that they taught their sons not to get involved with girls who dress so trashy.  Now their sons tell girls that are dressed that way that they should cover up more so people won't think bad about them.  Everytime I bring up this subject I get the same response.  NO ONE likes for young girls to dress like strippers and street walkers.