Sunday, June 2, 2013

How Teen Girls Dress

I've been in a discussion on a group Facebook page about the way teenage girls are dressing.  Apparently there was a church picnic last night and everyone was horrified by the way the girls were dressed.  There have been more than 100 comments and "Likes."  I shared my "Respect Yourself" Teen Girls Pinterest board with the group and some are Following me now.  I suggested to this group that when you are shopping and you see inappropriate clothing being marketed to young girls they should complain to the manager.  With pornography being the #1 addiction in America we don't need to fuel that fire by allowing young girls to walk around "half naked," as some of the folks called it last night.  Young girls don't have the street smarts to fend off unwanted advances from older men and boys.  One parent posted that they taught their sons not to get involved with girls who dress so trashy.  Now their sons tell girls that are dressed that way that they should cover up more so people won't think bad about them.  Everytime I bring up this subject I get the same response.  NO ONE likes for young girls to dress like strippers and street walkers. 

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