Sunday, June 10, 2012

" I hate my ________!"

I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard a woman say that to me about one of her body parts.  What's worse is that they say it to anyone who will listen, even their husbands.  Seriously, does a wife really need to point out her perceived "flaws" to her husband?  I wonder if husbands ever agree then get clobbered for it?  One thing I've never discussed with my husband is a body part.  I like to be mysterious and not draw attention to something on my body that doesn't please me visually.  Men are very visual creatures so why tell them to look at some part of the body that makes you unhappy?  From that point on he will look at that part of your body and say to himself "she always looked pretty good to me in that area but if she says it's disgusting then maybe I should think of it that way too."  Men are also simple creatures so why fill their heads with these silly things?  If you don't like the flesh hanging on the backs of your arms #1 wear clothing with sleeves and #2 think of a woman who has lost her arms. She would give anything to have them on HER body.  If you don't like your thighs then cover them up and again think about all the women in the world with no legs who would give anything to have yours.  A woman's body was designed for reproduction.  I've never seen a Bible passage telling women to loathe these bodies God gave us to do his/her work on Earth.  When I ask men what attracted them to their wives and girlfriends they never say "she didn't have any flesh hanging off her arms and she didn't have any cellulite on her thighs."  NO!  They normally say "I can't tell you exactly why I was attracted to her....let's just say I liked the whole package!"  I always praise them for saying that because it is a correct answer from my perspective.  I know an embalmer who never wants his wife to be rail thin.  He says he has to embalm older women who have been sick for a long time and have wasted away.  Feeling bones instead of healthy flesh and fat would be a turn off.  Women have been brain washed into believing that they must be thinner and prettier in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  Older women believed that all you had to do was discipline yourself in order to maintain a trim figure.  Maybe it works to wear firm girdles like they did so you can't overeat.  Times have changed and working women have to fuel themselves to get through their busy, chaotic lives.  While it's a good idea to have a protein bar in the bottom of your purse and a bottle of water in your car sometimes that's not possible.  Drive-thru restaurants are on every corner and having food available when on the go has become a part of our culture.  Double that if you have children or elderly in the car who need a meal.  It takes time and commitment to have a better looking body.  You must also have plenty of incentive.  Celebrities who walk the Red Carpet frequently must be thinner because the camera adds ten pounds.  Many of them rely on products like Spanx and will wear more than one pair at a time to look thinner.  Don't think for a minute that those beautiful gowns glide over bodies with nothing more than a thong underneath.  The older a celebrity the more foundation garments she has to wear so her bulges won't show.  We have the pull of gravity to thank for our clothes not fitting right after 50.  It's as if our skin is slowly melting and running down our bodies.  I wonder if people living in zero gravity in outer space would experience sagging skin or is that just one of the many gifts of living on Earth?  If your body is healthy and still functions relatively well be counting your blessings and not your flaws.  You are perfect in the eyes of your Creator.

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