Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nude Hosiery

Nude hose. They've gotten a bad name over the past few years as women opted for a bare leg look. That's fine if you have perfect looking legs. Tanning helps too but we don't always have the time. I like nude hose as long as they are a "body match." I learned about this while judging Junior Miss pageants years ago. If you can find hose and shoes that match your skin then your legs are going to look better. If you have varicose or spider veins the nude hose will smooth them out visually. Department stores always have samples of their hose near the displays. Put your hand inside the samples until you find your "body match." Always check the size chart on the back because all of them are different. If in doubt and if your budget allows buy a pair from at least two different manufacturers. If one fits save the packaging so you will know what to buy the next time. My Grandmother Ruby taught me to put on a pair of white nylon gloves before handling my hosiery. She said it keeps them from getting pulls and runs from rough fingernails and rings. They last longer too. The gloves are sold in Bridal departments and Bridal shops. I launder my hose in a lingerie bag in the washing machine and hang them up to dry. I don't like hose worn with open toe shoes or sandals. I have a pair of hose without toes in them but they tend to cut off my circulation. The gloves work well for handling opaque tights too. I'm still wearing some that I've had since 2005.

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