Sunday, October 14, 2012

Large Animal Prints

Large animal print garments, especially Zebra prints may not be very becoming on women over 50. I saw an older woman in a skin tight, too short Zebra print dress the other night. First of all she needed a good bra to bring her "Girls" up to where they belonged. This is something I see frequently. Last night I saw an older woman in a big, billowing Zebra print top that also had sequins scattered all over it. She was wearing very large rhinestone hoop earrings, heavy eyeliner, too much blusher and red lipstick that had migrated into the fine lines around her lips. It was overwhelming. A lot of women over 50 wear way too much makeup. As we age we lose pigment in our skin. This means our makeup needs to be lighter than when we were younger. Soft pinks and nudes work the best. No one looks good with eyeliner and lipstick caught in the wrinkles and lines that are a part of the aging process.

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