Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pretty Flat Shoes

Pretty flat shoes are appropriate for any occasion. A buckle on the toe looks best with jeans and tweed slacks and skirts. Flats with flowers or "blossoms" look best with dresses and dress slacks. Flats covered in sequins, glitter or "gems" are best saved for evening events when wearing silk, satin or clothes with embellishments. Flats with hardware like designer logos look good with nearly everything so they are a good investment. Plain flats can be worn with everything too depending on what they are made of. Rough leather looks casual while shiny materials look dressy. I have black patent leather flats that I wear frequently with suits and dressier clothes. They came in handy today when my husband and I attended an event. There weren't enough chairs for everyone so we stood for over an hour through all of the speeches. We also had to walk quite a distance to and from the parking lot so flats were a great choice.

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