Saturday, May 26, 2012

Strong American Women

American women are strong because we have to be.  The United States would not be what it is today had women not been involved in "keeping it together."  Early American women had to face many challenges that today's women can't even fathom.  Suffering through wars on our soil is just one example.  Whenever war comes up in a conversation I usually say "women historically have not been the ones to declare war because we have to tend the wounded, bury the dead and then clean up and rebuild after it's over."  So little has been written about the strong women who helped build America.  The Daughters of the American Revolution ( ) continue to do research to locate female "Patriots" to add to their library.  Most people are unaware that women Patriots ever existed.  These strong women provided aid to the military in various ways, from providing shelter, giving money, providing supplies, hiding soldiers from the enemy and sacrificing whatever they had to support the war effort.  In today's America there are strong women sacrificing every day so that others will not have to suffer or do without.  It's not just mothers who do that.  Women in the corporate world give up many things "for the good of all concerned."  Women who work in factories and businesses receive little praise for their efforts to make their workplace more efficient and profitable.  I remember my Mother's stories about the women who went to work in the plants during World War II and how it changed their perspective and their lives.  They became more self-assured and independent.  This Memorial Day I salute the strong women who have served tirelessly in our Armed Forces throughout the history of the United States.  One can only hope that their  positive influence will move into our government to make our country work better for all it's citizens.

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