Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dressing Little Girls

The fashion industry has done a disservice to young families by producing clothing lines that are neither modest or appropriate for little girls.  I was appalled to see skull prints on little girls clothing and accessories a while back.  I was told by the sales person that those items were selling very well.  We live in a world full of pedophiles who love to see small children, especially little girls fixed up and made up like adult women.  The TV series about child beauty pageants is alarming to me.  How many pedophiles DVR or video tape that show to watch over and over.  In the past couple of years we have seen young girls rescued from their abductors and heard the heartbreaking stories of how they were forced to dress up like women and raped.  Mothers and Grandmothers must start paying more attention to what they are purchasing for the little girls in their families.  Please protect them and teach them what is appropriate, modest and safe for a girl her age.  There is no one else who will do it.

I created the "Summer Fun for Little Girls" Set posted below to show how easy it is to dress a little girl appropriately and fun in the summer.  Spaghetti straps and halter tops are okay in swimwear but not always appropriate when away from the pool.  Strapless is definitely a no-no until a girl is a teenager and then only on a special occasion dress.  Little girls shouldn't have to worry about someone ogling them because they are showing too much skin.  Modesty applies to short skirts too.  Girls should be able to bend over at the waist and not reveal her panties...yes real panties not thongs!

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