Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Older Women vs. Younger Women

As I travel around the country I always notice what women wear and what kind of accessories they choose.  I've noticed that the older a woman is the more she accessorizes. This usually includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, a watch, several rings, a large handbag and large, comfortable shoes.  I notice that younger woman wear fewer accessories.  Younger women use a cell phone to check the time and keep appointments. They usually wear earrings that are more art than gold or platinum. Many wear necklaces and bracelets made of other materials like cloth or rawhide. Their shoes are simple sandals in hot weather and maybe hiking boots, in the winter.  They wear sky high platform heels when they dress up. Older women look "co-ordinated" meaning things match where younger women put on whatever suits their "vibe" that day. Older women usually iron their clothes while younger women don't let wrinkles ruin their day. Older women seldom have hair that is "touchable" meaning they use too much hair spray while younger women have looser hairstyles that border on "messy." Older women sometimes wear the same make up colors and apply them the same way they did decades ago not realizing that they have lost pigment in their skin and hair and need to use lighter colors.  Younger women use "all in one" products that can be stashed in a big tote bag and used anywhere.  They prefer lip gloss to lip stick. When younger women dress up for a big event they opt for having their make up done by a professional.  Older women will usually just add MORE of the same make up which can make them look harsh.

Older women who are in denial of their true age will often wear skirts above the knee. After 40 the knees are not attractive unless a woman is athletic. Longer skirts also keep an older woman from looking "trashy." Older women often expose too much cleavage even though the skin is extremely wrinkled and covered in age spots. In my opinion, an older woman looks much more Chic if she covers what is no longer appealing to the eye and accents what is still attractive.  Varicose veins can be covered with opaque hose in the winter and when worn with a pretty shoe look quite modern. This makes wearing an above the knee skirt acceptable.

As we age we need to be mindful of the message we send with our appearance. Las Vegas is a good example of what not to wear.  Unfortunately older women tend to let it all hang out while in Vegas. With so many sexy, stunningly attractive and physically "enhanced" women roaming the casinos older women should dress their age and quit trying to compete.  If your gentleman asked you to dress outside your comfort zone then he's really not a "Gentleman."

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