Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 1-13 Facebook Posts

Where do you put your handbag/wallet when you go to bed? Is it by the door? If someone broke into your house in the middle of the night would they be able to grab your purse or wallet and get out of the house before you knew what was going on? We put our wallet, handbag and keys in our master bathroom at night. A little "food for thought" today. :-)

Eye care: If you or someone you know suffers from frequent eye infections or irritations it could be from using contaminated eye make up. See your doctor for a diagnosis. Eye make up should be avoided when there is an eye infection. Once the infection is healed then all of the previous eye make up should be thrown away and new make up purchased. Never lick the tip of an eyelining pencil before lining yo...ur eyes. Doing that introduces bacteria from your mouth into your eyes. Don't continue to use eye make up that is causing irritation because it means you are probably allergic to it. Brown eyeliner and mascara contain red pigment that may cause an allergic reaction or irritation. Switch to black eyeliner and mascara to see if it's more comfortable to wear.
Lip care: A Kentucky Fashion Friend asked me yesterday for advice about her dry lips. I told her that I use "Clinique" lip balms and lip treatments. I like the solid balm under lipstick and the treatment in a tube at bedtime. If Clinique... products don't fit your budget I suggest you use the same type of products from "Burt's Bees." They are available in most drug, grocery and discount stores. Some are tinted and may contain sunscreen which is a plus. I use cheap, white wash cloths at night with my cleanser. I run the wash cloth over my lips several times to exfoliate the dead skin cells left from a day of wear and tear. Applying a lip treatment helps keep moisture on your lips overnight.

I've been looking for some lipsticks and lip glosses that are similar to Clinique's "Tenderheart" that I like so much. Revlon came close to matching it with their "Super Lustrous Lipstick" in #637 "Blushing Nude." Revlon lipgloss in "Colorburst #014 Rose Pearl" in close too but does have a touch of sparkle. They both look good with OPI nail polish "Grand Canyon Sunset.
 Two piece outfits should always be washed or dry cleaned together. Even if you never wear the other piece always clean it at the same time as the piece you do wear. You want both pieces to look the same if you pass the outfit on to someone else in the future. Protect the inside of jacket collars by tucking a scarf inbetween your neck and the collar. If hairspray gets on your neck as you style your hair be sure to wipe it off before wearing a garment with a collar.

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