Friday, March 15, 2013

As we age...

we lose pigment not only in our skin but our hair as well. Hair that is colored black or very dark brown will not look natural next to skin that has become pale with age. The eyebrows and hairline can give you a clue about a more natural color for covering gray hair. Also, change black eyeliner to a softer color like charcoal or navy blue. Eyelids droop with age so it's best not to l...ine the lower lids on the outside or inside. As the day goes by the eyeliner may "travel" and end up giving you "Raccoon Eyes." Use mascara sparingly on your lower lashes because it could flake off throughout the day and settle in fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes. Some older women wear too much make up and jewelry. "Less is more" the older you are. Keeping it simple puts the focus on you and not what you're wearing. No skirts over the knee if you're over 50 and no low cut tops.

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