Monday, March 18, 2013

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I read recently that if you buy a pair of "Spanx" (or a similar type of foundation garment) some of your old clothes that you think are too small may still fit after all. If this were the 1950's most of us would be wearing girdles every day. Not only would the girdles keep us from over eating but would hold us in and make our clothes look better. A foundation garment under a slip makes a sheath dress look very smooth. That's why we are so in love with the look of Vintage dresses.

There are so many diet plans a person can follow. I am forever grateful to Weight Watchers (1974 program) for teaching me the value of portion control. Weight Watchers is much easier these days according to family and friends who are attending meetings and following the current program. I like the "One Ingredient Food" diet. When manufacturers add ingredients to increase the flavor and shelf of their foods people gain weight. Age changes a person's shape too so diets don't always accomplish what they did when we were younger. The loss of hormones as we age contributes to the addition of fat on certain parts of the body. Mother Nature tries to protect older womens' hip bones from falls by adding extra padding to the bottom. Eating fresh foods will help your body be it's best no matter what your shape or weight. Working out will give you more muscle mass which will increase your metabolism and protect your bones.

I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners. If you are addicted to eating sweets then using artificial sweeteners will keep you craving sweets even when you are dieting. If sweets and starches are the foods that make you gain weight, the common sense thing to do is avoid eating them. There was a time when a person became an adult they stopped eating the foods of their childhood and began to eat mor...e adult foods. Now we have adults who eat sweetened breakfast cereals and colorful candy every day. Pastries should be saved for a special occasion, not included in the daily diet. The more sweet foods and drinks you consume, the more you will want. We have taste buds that register sweet foods. Those taste buds were designed to allow us to enjoy fresh fruit. By replacing daily sweet foods with your favorite fresh fruit you could drop a couple of pounds without even trying. I don't drink diet soda, never have since they added Aspartame and never will as long as it contains it. Aspartame or "Equal" gives me Migraine headaches. Diet drinks cause some people to crave more food than their bodies can metabolize. Diet drinks containing caffeine dehydrate your skin leaving it looking dull and wrinkled. Drink water instead. Your skin will look great from true hydration.

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