Tuesday, September 10, 2013

White Shirt and Jeans

This is such an easy look to put together. It can be dressed up with black heels, a black jacket and a string of pearls. It can be jazzed up with a big statement necklace, leopard print shoes and a brown leather belt with a large buckle.... If you roll up the sleeves it will always look chic and modern. Men's white shirts are usually better quality than women's. If the shirt tail is too long just tie it at your waist or tuck it in. If you want a dressier look, choose dark wash jeans instead. Add lots of small bracelets or a big cuff style bracelet after you've rolled up the sleeves. If you wear a jacket then turn back the cuffs on the shirt over the sleeves of the jacket. Medium size hoop earrings look best with this outfit if you wear glasses. Dangling style earrings are too formal so pearl or diamond stud earrings work well too.

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