Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keep a Hammer in Your Car!

I caused a bit of a ruckus today at Kroger's. When I got out of my car I noticed a beautiful Bird dog in the car next to mine. The windows were rolled up and the doors locked. As I stood there deciding what to do, a gentleman saw the look on my face and came right over saying "is that a dog in that car?" I said "yes" and then realized the car was running. He told me to call 911 but I told him I wa...s going in and ask the people at the Service Desk to make an announcement over the PA system first. He said he would stay with the dog. I went inside and saw the Kroger employee cashing a check for a woman. The man behind the counter asked to help me and I said "Someone left a dog in their car and the motor is running." The women next to me said "That's MY dog and he's FINE!" She waved the money at me and said to the person behind the counter "what........I've been in her maybe 3 minutes?" All three of us said in unison "You NEVER leave an animal in the car when it's so hot!!!!!" She got louder and more abrasive and said the AC was on and there was a bowl of water in the car. I said "I don't care...you NEVER leave an animal or child in the car like that!" She stormed off after telling me that she does it all the time and she didn't have time to take the dog back home before she ran her errands. I went to the door to see what was going on and the gentleman that had been at the car was coming in the store with a man and woman. They all had pained expressions on their faces. The gentleman said "Can you believe that woman used the F word on me and told me to stay out of her business?" The other couple said the same thing, so the woman must have cursed at all three of them. Then the gentleman said "She's mad because she knows were are right and she is wrong."

I keep a hammer in the trunk of my car. If I see an elderly or disabled person, a child, an infant or an animal locked up in a car on a hot day, I won't wait for the police if the situation is critical.

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