Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Job Interview Tips

If you or someone you know will be applying for seasonal work at Walmart or other retailers, here is some advice. First go to "Google" and learn the history of the business from the beginning to today. Make sure your clothes are clean and press them with an iron to make an even better impression. Take a shower, use deodorant, wash and style your hair and brush your teeth. Wear very little make... up. Pants should not be too tight around the bottom, skirts should come to the knee if not longer. Tops should not reveal any cleavage or belly AT ALL!!!! Clean and polish your shoes. Don't wear perfume or cologne. Put your hands in your lap and keep them there. If you "talk with your hands" it could be distracting to the interviewer. Don't talk about family problems in an attempt to gain their sympathy. Look the interviewer in the eye and keep your answers to their questions brief and to the point. Don't talk about your previous employment in a negative way. They will assume you will trash their company too when you leave. If you get the job, arrive 10 minutes before time to clock in. Don't talk about the company or it's employees to co-workers. Look your customers in the eye, smile and act like you care that they have taken the time to come into "your" store. Keep your work area clean and neat even if it's "not your job." Greet your supervisors when you arrive and ask how they are doing. After they say "fine" etc., stop there and don't tell them how you are doing unless they ask. IF they ask say "very well...thank you for asking." End the conversation there and get to work. Come back from meal breaks early. Don't start looking at your watch or horrors...your phone...an hour before you get off work. It would be best to not have your phone on you while at work. Nothing is more annoying than to see someone on your time clock using their phone. Ask your supervisor if there is anything they would like for you to do before you clock out. Don't hang out after you clock out and talk to people who are still clocked in. If you see trash on the floor pick it up. Flush the toilets that need it and wipe off the basins when you use the restroom. Make people feel good by complimenting them in some way. Never have a "pity party" at work. It will prompt your coworkers to do the same then everyone will get depressed. If you are a cheerful, helpful, part-time employee you might impress the supervisor enough to recommend you for permanent work with benefits! Be the best worker you can be if for no other reason than the good feeling you will have each time you clock out.

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