Monday, August 12, 2013

Being Pretty

I've noticed recently that women of all ages are responding to conversations regarding "pretty," as in dressing up to look pretty. Maybe women are just programmed to respond when we hear the word but I've seen women stop talking to someone and turn their attention to the person who is talking about being pretty. I think women are tired of the same old "look" of blue jeans and sloppy tops. I think that look as been done every way possible and we are ready to move on to something more feminine. It's difficult to go from jeans to formal wear because they are at opposite ends of the style spectrum. If you are not used to wearing anything but jeans and shorts then you may not be comfortable wearing formal dresses at events. A woman's posture has to be different when dressing up. A woman needs to walk differently, sit differently, get in and out of vehicles differently. She needs to know about good foundation garments like well fitting bras and Spanx or other control panties. I can always spot the women in a bridal party who are not used to dressing up. Their stride is too long from always wearing pants, they teeter on their heels because they are used to wearing flip flops and flats. Their bra straps reveal their very old, ill fitting bras. They usually have a mid-section issue because they don't own a foundation garment that slims the waist. Their posture is slumped over because they are always texting. The old fashioned "walking with a book on the head" from the days of charm schools still works to straighten the back and shorten the step. This will help you feel more feminine when you dress up!

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