Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Facebook Posts

It looks like lace clothing is going to be popular this fall and winter along with plaids. Look for lace that is soft to the touch, not stiff and scratchy against the skin. Make sure that the plaid patterns are matched at every seam of a garment. Lace and plaid look very good together as long as the lace is white, cream or black.

Plus size clothing is not always stylish. The large patterns and thin fabrics are not becoming to women with curves. My advice is to find a brand or "label" that has coordinating pieces in black or navy blue. Buy a shell type top, the jacket that goes with it and a pair of slacks (not capris) and/or skirt. When you have these items in your closet you can add accessories to dress them up or down. Add animal prints for casual events and add things that sparkle and shine for more formal events. If you buy black or navy shoes to go with your three pieces that's even better. Be sure to have the shoes with you if you have to have the slacks or skirt hemmed.

When you clean out your closet use white or clear garbage bags, not black ones, to hold things you plan to give away or donate. You can see through the clear and white bags and you're not as likely to throw the bags in the trash. You can also buy bags that have red ties and only use them for things you plan to donate. Use old gift wrap ribbon tied to the garbage bag for long term storage. When you see the ribbon you will remember to go through the contents of the bag before throwing it in the trash.

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