Monday, February 11, 2013

Professional Appearance

This "Profesional Appearance" article is very good. Young people especially need to look professional if they want to be taken seriously by their employers. Hair that falls in your face while doing your job is not professional. Very high h...eels in a workplace that has nothing to do with fashion is not professional. Save the Stilettos for the weekend. Skirts and dresses above the knee get even shorter when you sit down. That may be distracting to coworkers and send the wrong message. Frosted or shimmery eye make up looks garish under fluorescent lighting and again should be saved for the weekend. Very long or decorated fingernails may give the impression that you are more interested in attracting attention to yourself instead of doing your job. You never know who you will meet at work. An executive for your company could show up unexpectedly and if you haven't taken care with your appearance may decide that you're not ready for that promotion after all.

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