Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lacy D.'s Travel Tips

I asked my friend, Lacy, to share some of her travel tips. She is a young, professional woman who logs many miles every year.

Luggage - I recommend using luggage that has organizational features on the inside and has easier transporting options than something that has high eye appeal. If you travel as much as I do, spending a ton of money on a beautiful piece of luggage is just not worth it. Even if it’s high end it will still show wear and tear plus your taste may change in the future. Currently, I'm using the Samsonite 151 Series 20” Spinner. I purchased this on sale at Taylor Trunk on Hurstbourne Parkway, a locally owned store that often has really good sales. A few of my favorite features include: spinner wheels, expansion zipper, the option to pack clothes on a hanger and plastic pockets on the inside.

Eagle Creak Pack-It Folder - I purchased this item two years ago at Taylor Trunk and it has changed my life. It can easily hold up to 12 different articles of clothing! It keeps my nice suits protected and best of all it saves space. I rarely check luggage and I’m able to do that because of the Pack-It Folder. If I was not using the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder I would definitely follow Louis Vuitton’s ‘The Art of Packing Video’.

Thirty-One Bags - My sister-in-law is a rep for Thirty-One and is always hooking me up with handy bags that have definitely made packing easier. One bag I like is the Zipper Pouch. I store all of my cords (over four to be exact). The other Thirty-One bag is the make up bag for brushes, feminine items, deodorant and a straightener.

Bare Minerals Make Expandable Make Up Bag - Yet another product that has changed my life. It organizes all of my brushes and make up and it keeps it flat. Many times I’m home briefly to only unpack and repack, with this make up case there is no extra work. Everything is ready to go! I also like it because it is easy to clean with a disinfectant wipe.

Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Surge Protector- There is tremendous peace of mind with this item protecting your computer and smart phone. This features three outlets and 2 USB ports AND it has a swivel feature rotating make plugging it in easy no matter how awkward the plug may be placed.

Gear Ties - Keeps all of my cords neatly wrapped together I use 3” and 6” Gear Ties. (Pink of course!)

Travel Fresh Sleep Sack - I’m not quite sure how I would function without my Sleep Sack! A Sleep Sack is a personal sleeping bag that takes up very little space in your luggage. I absolutely hate hotel sheets and comforters no matter how nice the hotel is. When I use the Sleep Sack I only pull the hotel bed covers just below my knee. I feel warm and have peace mind that the sheets are no where near my face and mouth. Sleep Sacks can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. Look for the 20% coupon. I have 3 three, gold satin, leopard print satin and white cotton.

Hefty Slider 1 Quart Storage Bag - May not be the cheapest but they are durable and you can fit more liquids in this than any other quart bag.

"Best Practices"

In my bathroom closet I keep a Rubbermaid container that says "Travel" on the front. In that container I keep all of my essentials stocked: Toothpaste, dental floss, extra toothbrushes, travel-size bottles, zip lock baggies, extra bottles of mouthwash, etc. I periodically check what needs to be replenished as I’m headed out the door to the grocery.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to pack your own healthy snacks. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you are rushing to catch your next flight, trying to be on time for a meeting, or stuck in a place where healthy snack options are limited. Let’s face it salted peanuts can get old. I usually pack almonds and a couple of Larabars. I also stock up on Dr. McDougall’s vegan dry soups from Amazon. (they’re a much healthier version of ramen noodles) It may not be exactly what I’m craving at the moment, but there is no denying that it has certainly saved me when my only options were fast food and candy. Added bonus: Starbucks and Caribou Coffee will give you a free hot water. I pick up a banana and hot water from one of those places and I’m good to go for a quick lunch. I also pack my favorite tea packets. It’s always good to bring with you a few comforts from home especially if you travel extensively.

Resistance Band - I have chosen not to workout in a hotel gym unless I am traveling with my husband. I have opted to stay in the hotel room and use an exercise band instead. It is very easy to pack and I know I’m getting a decent workout! Here are a few exercises I do with it.

Keeping everything clean and disinfected is a must when traveling. I pack two travel packs of antibacterial wipes. One goes in an outside pocket of my carry-on, the other in my purse or my professional bag. I always wipe down the seat and arm rests on the airplane before sitting down.

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