Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cosmetic Counter Samples

I saw a woman applying make up from the samples in the store the other day.  The samples are full of bacteria and should never be applied to the face.  A shopper has no idea how many people have handled the samples or where they have applied them to their bodies.  Most cosmetic counters have cotton swabs and cotton pads for applying a sample to the back of your hand.  You can tell right away if the sample color will blend with your natural skin tone.  Most counters have containers of make up remover so you can get the sample off your skin right away.  The United States has a flu epidemic going on right now so we must be careful about touching things that others have touched.  NEVER go into a store's cosmetic counter and apply your make up.  Not only is it not sanitary but it's very bad manners.  I watched a woman sneak and apply make up at a Clarins counter while the Clarins consultant was helping a customer at the other end of the counter.  The woman was very disheveled and looked like she was suffering from a hangover.  She had just had a pedicure in the salon so I guess she felt the need to do her make up before she left the store. Naturally she didn't BUY any of the products she used.  When the consultant asked if she could help her the woman asked to see a product.  When the consultant left to get the product the woman took off.  I witnessed a woman in Sephora applying lip gloss directly to her lips from the sample tube.  That is a sure fire way of catching a cold, the flu or Herpes. 

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