Sunday, April 29, 2012


I'm old enough to remember when people dressed up to travel by air. No one would have considered wearing sweats and athletic shoes on an airplane.  Even athletic teams dressed in coat and tie to travel by air. Everyone checked their luggage and only took handbags, cosmetic bags and brief cases on board. If someone had a transistor radio they listened using an earphone. (There was only one earphone as I recall.) Flight attendants were all women who looked like they had just come out of the hair salon. Their make up was not garish, their fingernails were understated and their jewelry was appropriate for their uniforms. There used to be "standards" in our society for air travel. Things are very different 30 years later. Instead of having multiple suitcases most of us use rolling carry ons. Our clothing had to change too. Many clothing brands offer "Travel" garments that roll up and don't wrinkle. I would purchase those clothes if the fabric didn't feel so slick and weird against my skin. I'm either too hot or too cold in the synthetic materials. I opt for cotton fabrics when I travel even though I usually have to press them when I get to my destination.  I've worked on editing my travel items and clothes so that I only take what I will actually use. I'm not the kind of woman who is a "care free" traveler.  I have heard that other women born under the sign of Taurus have trouble traveling too. Maybe we are just "home bodies" who like our nests and prefer our daily routines. I'm not sure if left to my own devices I would ever make plans to travel anywhere. Fortunately my husband enjoys traveling so he gets me out of the house from time to time. I think it broadens a person's perspective to travel. Maybe it even makes new connections in our brains to have new experiences in other places.  Either way, traveling pulls me out of my rut and routine and refreshes my life.

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