Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning New Things

Blogging will be a new experience for me but I'm going to try.  Please bear with me as I learn how to do it.

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  1. It was a lot of fun putting together one of my real outfits with the help of "Polyvore." I've seen outfits put together on blogs and websites before but never knew how they did it. I'm still learning how to use their website and could spend hours there thinking up new "Sets." I love "Pinterest" too but grew weary of re-pinning other people's creations.

    I love this outfit because I never know where my day will take me. If I have to dress up a little more it's no trouble to replace the jeans with black slacks. A shirt and/or jacket with a collar always adds "polish" to an outfit especially if you have short hair. In our casual world it's too easy to look sloppy so a collar helps to keep us looking fresh and put "together." A pretty scarf tucked under the collar or tied onto the handles of a handbag is always a pretty, feminine touch. We have borrowed the blue jeans, white shirt and jacket from the guys but we need to add our feminine touches as well.