Thursday, October 22, 2015

Transitional Weather Closet Tips

If you live in Kentucky or Indiana you are probably pulling out your cold weather clothing and footwear for our cooler days and nights.  They all get mixed in with our warm weather clothing and sandals.  An easy way to transition your closet is to use a portable clothes rack with wheels.  I have an adjustable one that is convenient to keep in our bedroom.  I normally use it for assembling clothing to pack for trips but it's also useful for other times. 

A portable clothes rack can hold the clothing that is more transitional without overcrowding your closet.  It's better to fold sweaters than to hang them up so try to find a rack with a shelf at the top for those.  Put your boots, etc. under the rack as you add jackets, coats, jeans and long sleeved tops.  A rack is also handy when you are reorganizing your closet to hold clothing that you plan to keep. 

A lot of people like to donate old clothing to charity or take it to Goodwill.  Please buy clear garbage bags for these items and for storing items you plan to keep.  I've heard too many stories about people throwing out good clothing because they had stored them in black garbage bags.  Get out your colorful ribbon and tie bows on the bags of clothing you plan to keep.  You can always delegate certain colors of ribbon to mark donate bags and out of season clothing bags.  I prefer plastic bins for storing out of season clothing but if bags are your only option then be sure to mark them in some way.  To keep bugs out of your storage bags use two bags in opposite directions for a good "seal."

Some experts believe that if you haven't worn something in over a year that you should get rid of it.  I disagree.  Get rid of pieces that are too large or too small for you or clothing that is hopelessly out of date.  If you watch a movie from the 1990's and you see similar clothing in YOUR closet then it's time to take those pieces to a consignment shop that sells vintage clothing. Vintage is usually defined as a garment that is 25 years old or older. 

Keep your accessories since they seldom go out of style.  If a purse is badly worn then donate it.  I just read about taking old handbags and stuffing them with hygiene supplies and snacks for homeless women.  Not a bad idea! 

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