Monday, March 23, 2015

Over 50 Bloggers

I've grown weary of all the well meaning advice for women over 50, myself included. I think we bloggers have put undo stress on women who are burdened already by being sandwiched in between children, partners and aging parents. If she hasn't retired yet then there is even MORE pressure. There aren't enough hours in the day to take care of obligations and still get enough sleep. It's no wonder that weight goes up as deep fatigue becomes a way of life. It's the beginning of elastic waist pants and tops that billow over her expanding abdomen. There is no longer a trace of her waist and her thighs now rub together. She's in desperate need of a new bra but has no time to go to the mall for a proper fitting. So she logs on to the internet every night before bed to see if anyone is posting information that will help her navigate her life and lose 20 pounds before her next special event. The advice she usually finds is great for women who are in their 50's and want to be "cool." At 60+ the drive to be "cool" and youthful looking isn't as strong. The drive may be to be financially secure in her advancing years. She may now be widowed and creating a whole new way of life...not what she expected to do in her 50's. She may have finished raising her children and can devote her time to helping her grandchildren. You don't need to be hip or cool to do any of the above. It's OK to look like a Granny if you are one. It's OK to look like you're mourning if you are bereaved. It's OK to wear whatever is comfortable, especially if you have health problems that affect your mobility. Ignore those women's blogs, TV shows and magazines if they make you feel "less than." What's more important after 60 is your happiness and your ability to get out of bed every day looking forward to what life has to offer.

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