Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make Up Tips for Women over 50 by Shana Christoforo


Shana Christoforo is a Boston based make-up artist and I have asked her to share some smokin’ hot tips for the 50+ woman on how to apply make-up so that she looks gorgeous and feels confident!
Here are Shana’s tips:
Marianne - Makeup  1. Tight lining:
One of my favorite tricks for opening the eye up, is “tight lining” or “lash lining.”  The truth is, as we age, eye lids become droopier. For the woman on the go, it can  result in looking tired. I like to “tight line” to open up the eyes up and make my  clients look more alert and awake. Create a tight line by using an eye pencil and  creating strokes in between lashes until all the strokes form a line. What this does,  is it creates contrast between the white of the eye and your lash line, and opens  the eyes up!
A favorite eye liner of mine to use for tight lining, is Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide on eye pencil! I find that it’s easy to use, and doesn’t dry up like most eyeliner pencils tend to do.
marianne - makeup 2 2. Glowy Skin:
Nothing screams “fountain of youth” more than beautiful glowing skin. As our skin ages, we tend to become more dry. While proper skincare is so important, I love certain products that bring out that dewy look. A liquid highlighter does just the trick. Apply to areas you want to give that soft glow to: forehead, cheeks, under eyes, bridge of nose and chin.
A great highlighter to use, after foundation application, is Benefit Cosmetics “High Beam.” It works wonders and brings that youthful appearance to the face when applied in the right areas!
marianne - makeup 3
3. Creating the illusion of fuller lips:
The older we get, not only do our lips dry out more, but it’s been scientifically proven that our lips  thin out as we age also. That’s where the power of makeup comes in! I love to use a pencil to line the  outer perimeter of the lip. It not only creates shape, but when done properly can enhance the fullness  of the lip. Make sure not to go too much outside of your natural lip line, as it will look artificial. I like  to use a nude colored lip liner that’s very close to the natural shade of the lip, so it looks more real.  Add a clear or light colored gloss to center of the lip for that extra pop. This will draw attention to the  biggest part of the lip which creates the illusion of fullness.
I love Too Faced Cosmetics lip liners, as they have good neutral colors, and the point is small so you can get a nice tight line!
Remember, the most subtle tricks can make the biggest difference. All it takes is altering your make-  up routine a little bit, and I promise you’ll see a big difference! It’s small things that can years off the  way you look, and leave you feeling confident. You are beautiful, inside and out. Never forget that,  and keep shining :)
Shana Christoforo
Social Media: @shanachristoforo on Instagram, “Make-up Artistry by Shana Christoforo” on facebook
So hopefully these simple steps will help you to look and feel better!

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