Thursday, January 16, 2014

Me at 60

Turning 60 years old last May was not a negative experience for me.  It didn't sink in for a long time.  I watched on Facebook as my high school classmates turned 60 one by one.  I DO feel a little different on the inside as my attitudes, patience and plans for the future have evolved.  I'm very grateful that I don't suffer from chronic health problems.  The few problems that appeared have been quick fixes with physical therapy for my knee and replacing 40 year old metal fillings with crowns.  I have stress in my life like everyone else but I've learned how to handle most of it.  When I'm upset I like to light a candle, write my issue on a piece of paper and send Reiki healing to it.  That allows my mind to rest and it reduces my stress.  I also use "Feng Shui, the Ancient Chinese Art of Placement" to create a restful, calming and peaceful atmosphere in our home.  My husband turned 60 years old last year too so we are on our journey together.  It's amazing how time has changed our 35 year marriage so many times and in so many ways.  We are closer now than we've ever been before and for that I am very grateful.  I like the calmer more settled feelings I have now and probably would not go back to my 30's if I had the chance.  I no longer desire "the hormone dance" and the stress and insecurities that go along with it.  I read somewhere that post menopausal women are "Mother Nature's road kill" but I don't believe that is true.  If a woman takes good care of herself and doesn't drink a lot of alcohol or smoke, she should live a happy, long and healthy life doing the things that she loves. 

This photo was taken last November. My hairdresser for 20 years is Theresa Sink at "Hair Trevilian," Louisville, Ky.  I'm wearing a boiled wool, green "Marc Cain" jacket (Rodes For Him & For Her, Louisville) with a hand dyed silk scarf (Peace Place, Sedona, Az.), black, long sleeved top with faux leather trim (Rodes), faux gold necklace (Macy's) and 14kt gold hoop earrings. I wore a pair of  black, ankle length slacks (Talbot's, Louisville) with black, "Stuart Weitzman, Nubeads" flats (  (Photo courtesy of Kennedy)

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