Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Facebook Posts

1. My husband and I attended a fundraiser last night in a beautiful hotel ballroom. I was distracted by a young woman at a nearby table. She took a piece of bread and threw it across the table at a gentleman. She was drinking wine like Kool-Aid. She had her elbows on the table. Instead of putting her coat in the "Coat Check," she had wadded it up and thrown it on the floor. When she was ready to leave (the event was not over and someone was speaking), she put her coat on while still sitting at the table. She pulled a huge tote bag from under the table and took a fuzzy scarf out of it. She flung it over the table as she put it on. She had been flipping her long hair over the food all evening. She should have waited until she was outside of the ballroom to put on her coat. I'm sure her dining companions were glad to see her leave. If anyone would like to improve their manners or teach others about social etiquette, there are numerous YouTube videos available as well as Etiquette books in libraries, book stores and

2. Occasionally I have conversations with male friends. A few of them have said that they have been embarrassed at times because their wives didn't put forth any effort to look nice when they went somewhere together. One man told me that he tried to walk a few steps ahead of his wife so no one would know she was with him. He felt very ashamed of himself for doing that. Men like to be envied by other men. Some of my gentlemen readers may not agree but it's true. Ladies, take more time for yourselves, especially when you are attending a special event with your husband or boyfriend. You are a reflection of him and it will make him feel good to have you on his arm. You are also a reflection of your business or position in the community. Looking worn out and wearing old, ill fitting clothing will make you feel bad and it will show on your face. When you look nice and put together, it increases your self-confidence. Your guy will feel that too and he will be proud to have you with him.

3. While at the dry cleaners yesterday I asked how much it would cost to have my rain coat treated to repel water. He said it was only $4.25. The water repellant will keep the rain and snow from penetrating the fibers of your coat so you will stay dryer. When you get your coat back from the cleaners put a pair of gloves in the pockets and a warm scarf over the hanger. You will be ready to go in an instant because you won't spend time looking for your gloves and scarf.

4. When you go shopping and find a garment, shoes, etc. that really fits and suits your lifestyle, consider buying more than one. If I didn't buy in "multiples" I wouldn't have a very versatile wardrobe. You probably know by now what works f...or your lifestyle and shape so if your budget will allow it always buy "one to wash and one to wear." Instead of buying something in every color it might be better for you to buy two of the two colors that are the most becoming and coordinate with other things in your wardrobe.

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