Sunday, May 5, 2013

Creating Tasteful Outfits

In the book, "That Extra Half Inch" by Victoria Beckham, she discusses how outfits can look too "contrived." This means "Obviously planned or calculated; not spontaneous or natural; labored:" In dressing it means that you have put together an outfit where everything matches exactly, looks more like a costume than an outfit or looks like you put too many hours into coordinating the pieces. I oft...en see this with country/western outfits, especially at concerts. I also see it with Vintage fashions where everything is vintage with no modern pieces included. I've also seen formal outfits with matching "bling" from shoes, to dress to handbag and beyond. Coordinating an outfit is very much like decorating a room. You want to mix your pieces in a way that allows them to "relate" but not match. For instance, I have a silver spiral design necklace. I also have a similar design in earrings, ring and a bracelet. I would not wear all of them at once. I would probably only wear two and not next to each other. I certainly would not wear a spiral print garment or have a spiral design on my shoes. You don't want to appear to be wearing a costume which is easy to do with western wear. Unless you work with horses or you are in the music industry you might want to just wear denim with the boots and hat. Adding big silver jewelry or a large buckle belt might be too much. Most of all look like yourself when you dress. Show how unique and tasteful you are.


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