Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Facebook Posts

I was browsing through the June issue of the "Wall Street Journal Magazine" today. Their fashion spread on pages 66-73 is called "Shapeshifters" and everything is "oversized" with flat, athletic shoes. I saw a similar spread in "Vogue" last year. Perhaps this is the only way to make plus size clothing fashionable in magazines that routinely use super thin models. I think it looks ridiculous. Why not hire plus size models who would make the clothing look more appealing and becoming? The caption reads "It's no longer about tight, tighter and tightest. The new proportions are a breath of fresh air." Do women really want to wear clothing that looks like it's 5 sizes to big?

A vent is a slit in the bottom rear (the "tail") of a jacket. A kick pleat is found at the back of a skirt or dress. Both of these items of clothing need to be checked for threads that keep the slit/pleat closed while being shipped to the store. Manufacturers no longer use contrasting thread to sew slits and pleats together so they are not easy to see and snip. Before you leave the house take a... pair of scissors and make sure those threads are cut and pulled out. Also, pockets might be sewn closed so carefully cut them open so you can use them. I use small, rounded, manicure or nose scissors to cut open pockets and pleats so I don't cut the frabric by mistake. Be kind and tell people when their vents are still sewn shut. They will thank you for it.
Mothers who talk down about their bodies, weight and appearance are teaching their daughters, granddaughters and other young girls to feel the same way about their bodies. It can cause them to focus too heavily on their outward appearance and less on developing good character and self-confidence. Eating disorders may be the result. Binging, purging, starving and laxative abuse are all very common in young women trying to have a "magazine" body. The images on Pinterest promote this too. Young girls don't know how "photoshopped" those pictures are. As adults we should keep our negative feelings about our bodies to ourselves.


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