Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Resolutions...Lose Weight/Get Fit

A typical New Year's resolution is to lose weight and become more "fit." I'm sure the fitness centers are signing up a lot of new people right now. Unfortunately "life gets in the way" and even though people have good intentions they can't always find time to go to the gym. Other people try calorie restricting diets but give up as soon as they get that first craving for high calorie foods. Str...ess is a big factor in a person's weight. It can interfere with a person's commitment to losing weight. Caregiving is stressful, especially if you are obligated to take care of an older parent or grandchildren. I went to Weight Watchers in 1975 and lost the weight I gained from having my daughter. The one thing I learned was portion control. I am always a little shocked when I see how much food people put on their plates or the amount of food people order in restaurants. A friend of mine has a habit of asking for a "To Go Box" as soon as her meal is placed in front of her. She immediately divides the food in half. When the waiter brings the box she puts half of her meal in it. She tells her dining companions that she will eat it for dinner that night or for lunch the next day. I think that's a great way to painlessly reduce calories in your diet. If you eat when you're upset then you may want to get a notebook and write down your feelings. You may not feel like eating so much after you have looked at the reasons why you are craving food or alcohol. Alcohol is nothing but empty calories. If you are over 50 your metabolism is slower and you should limit yourself to one serving of alcohol per day. One of the easiest ways for a woman over 50 to lose her dignity is by drinking too much alcohol. People start referring to these women as "drunks." There is nothing classy or elegant about being drunk at home or in public. Be good to yourself this year. Love yourself enough to take care of your body, mind and spirit.

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