Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Formal Wear After 40

If the gown you choose is sleeveless or strapless please consider adding a cute bolero jacket, short cardigan or Pashima wrap to cover the sagging or spotty skin on the shoulders, upper arms and back. In the dressing room have someone take a picture of your back with your arms down by your sides before buying a strapless or spaghetti strap dress. You would be shocked by how much skin can sag around the edges of a dress. In some cases buying the dress in a larger size and having it altered to fit is the answer. Don't look like a stuffed sausage in your formal wear. Spagehtti straps are altered very easily if your "Girls" have begun to sag. Buy a strapless, supportive bra and have the dress straps taken up. There is nothing glamorous about the "Ma Kettle" sillouette. If you're old enough to know who Ma Kettle is, then you need a supportive bra. In the movie "Back on the Farm" (1951) Eliszabeth Parker said to Ma Kettle, "You know Ma, I bet you had an hourglass figure." Ma Kettle: "Yeah, but the sand sure shifted."
Cocktail dresses for women over 40 should come to the knee or cover the knee.  As we age our knees become less attractive.  Covering them can give us a much nicer, smoother look.  If your shoes are fabulous then don't detract from them by showing less than beautiful knees.  I also prefer hose over bare legs.  Women over 40 have more varicose and spider veins.  They also may have age spots, moles and freckles.  Nude or "body match" hose are best unless you are wearing black or navy.  Light, sheer black and navy hose will give you an "unbroken line" from hem to shoe.  I prefer "sheer to the waist" pantyhose because I've never found control top pantyhose that fit me perfectly.  I usually wear a "Skimp Skamp" foundation panty with the sheer to the waist.  It gives me a feeling of support without being too tight.    

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