Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Facebook Posts

You know those perfume samples that are stuck in most fashion magazine pages? Don't throw them away. Open them and put a few in your car and closet to freshen the air with a very light scent.

Buy your shoes first when shopping for a special event. Your foot comfort is very important if you have to do a lot of walking or standing. It's also important if you plan to dance the night away!

On page 56 in the October issues of "More" magazine there is an article entitled "Is Your Makeup Aging You?" by Holly Crawford. She starts with "What Ages You" then "What Turns Back Time" as the answer. There are three pages of good advice. "More" magazine is for women over 40 who want to keep up with their health and beauty as they age.

If you find a garment that fits but you don't like the fabric, you can use it as a pattern. Buy fabric that you like and take it to a seamstress or sew it yourself. I've talked to two women who have done that and they love their new creations.

Most people don't understand how celebrities manage to look so wonderful on the Red Carpet. They have "people" who take care of their appearance from head to toe. Hairdressers, manicurists, cosmetic surgeons, personal trainers, yoga instructors, dieticians, nutritionists, personal stylist with connections to high end designers, personal assistants, nannies...the list goes on. The average American woman doesn't have the resources or the ability to devote so much time and energy to looking their best.  I can give you the contact info for people who can help you with a make over or a special event.  E-mail me:  kentuckyfashion@gmail.com

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